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Controlling the Senses is the Highest Sadhana

Once a Pundit challenged Buddha to enter into a debate with him. The terms were that if he was the loser, he would follow Buddhism along with his 3000 disciples and serve Buddha lifelong. But, if Buddha was the loser, it would be obligatory on his part to become a follower of the Pundit. Buddha smilingly said, "Pundita Samadarshina” (a true Pundit is one who has equal?mindedness). A true Pundit makes no distinction between the dualities of life, such as pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow. A person with anger and ego is unfit to be called a Pundit. In pilgrim centres such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Amarnath, you find Pandas who give Mantras that would grant liberation to the departed souls. These Pandas cannot be called Pundits. In this world, there are many who have gone through sacred texts. The knowledge of the Self cannot be acquired by mere scholarship or by sitting at the feet of a guru. There are many who go through voluminous books, but is there a person who practises at least one teaching? When you spend all your life in reading, when are you going to practise it? Scholarship bereft of practice is futile.

Sathya Sai SpeaksExplaining thus, Buddha silenced the Pundit and advised him to shun the pride and ego of his scholarship. He told the Pundit not to get carried away by the worldly knowledge. He exhorted him to acquire and practise divine knowledge and surrender to God. Buddha said, "I undertook spiritual practice for a long time and went through various sacred texts in quest of knowledge of the Self. Ultimately, I realised that mastering the senses is essential for acquiring knowledge of the Self. The five senses are the gift of God. Make proper use of them. Only then you can realise the Self. What is the use of going through sacred texts and undertaking spiritual practices without proper utilisation of the five senses? I have controlled the five senses and put them on the right path, as a result of which I am experiencing bliss."

Buddha attained Nirvana by controlling his five senses and making proper use of them. What is Nirvana? It is nothing but merger in bliss. Water bubble is born in water, is sustained in water and ultimately merges in it; likewise, human being is born in bliss, is sustained in bliss and ultimately merges in it. Bliss can be experienced by controlling the five senses. This is the true Sadhana. Mere chanting of Lord's name will not suffice. First and foremost, the senses have to be controlled. At the time of attaining Nirvana, Buddha saw his cousin, Ananda, shedding tears. He called him near and said, "Ananda, true to your name, you should experience Ananda (bliss). You should never shed tears of sorrow. You are the embodiment of Ananda. All of us are embodiments of Brahma." Saying so, Buddha put his hand on Ananda and attained Nirvana.


Volume - 2 Issue - 9 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004