Spiritual Blossoms
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When delusion is shed, grief gets destroyed; joy is established: dukha nivrithi and aanandha prapti both happen at the same time. The mind is the villain; it is another name for desire; the texture of the mind is just desire, both warp and woof are desire and nothing else. If desire goes, the mind disappears. When you pull out all the yarn from a piece of cloth, you have no more cloth. So too, pull out desires from the mind, it disappears, and you are free. Grief and joy are the obverse and reverse of the same experience. Joy is when grief ends; grief is when joy ends. When you invite a blind man for dinner, you must set on the table two plates, for he comes along with another man who will lead him in. Grief and joy are inseparable companions.

AbhayaBhakthi is very difficult to acquire; do not think it is easy to become a bhaktha. As a matter of fact, it is even more difficult than Jnaana, for it means complete surrender, full contentment whatever may happen. The river must flow back to its source; it must turn back and up. If you flow down, you will have to go down, down, down, and water becomes undrinkable. But do not despair; you have to win some day. The sooner, the better. A mango seller may seek to sell four for a rupee; but if three of them get spoiled, he should not give up hope, for, a person may come and offer a rupee for the fourth one.

Having come here and listened, and secured darshan and read about Me, put into actual practice at least one of the good counsel you got; one stick is enough to light a fire; the entire box of matches need not be used. Have faith that you will win; have steadiness in the pursuit of the goal.


Volume - 2 Issue - 10 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004