Brindavan Diary
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Trayee 20 Brindavan 50

The 26th of April is a special day every year in Brindavan. It was the day when the beautiful lotus shaped Trayee building was inaugurated by Swami in 1984. So, 26th April this year was the twentieth anniversary of Trayee. But this year had an added significance. It was also the fiftieth year since Swami first stepped into Brindavan. (For photos of the old Brindavan, see DOWN MEMORY LANE of this issue). Like every year, the boys had decorated the Trayee lawns and waited expectantly for the Lord to come and bless the decoration. He came and whizzed past them, in the car. Just when the boys were giving up hopes, He glanced at them and said, “Wait, I am coming”. True to his word He came back to the boys after Darshan, cut the cake, posed for photographs and gave everyone immeasurable happiness. Later in the day Swami gave a special and delicious lunch to the students and the staff. The evening had more action in store. One lakh wax lamps were distributed to devotees, students and staff. Everyone filled the entire ashram with beautiful patterns of light and by the evening the whole place was a sea of light ! It was a sight for the Gods to see ! Captured for you are those precious moments !

Wait I am comingCutting the cakeThe Decoration
With the BoysThe anniversary LunchSea of light


Volume - 2 Issue - 10Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004