Window To Sai Seva
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On 6 September 2003, many Sai centres along with Sai youth organised a ‘Day at the Beach’, in Southern California, for over 50 physically and mentally disabled children and adults. Nearly 125 volunteers participated in this project, bringing joyful smiles to the faces of these children. Owing to their disabilities, these children do not enjoy a normal childhood; some of them had never been to the beach before. Swami often reminds that ‘self-confidence’ is the very foundation on which the mansion of human life is built. Inspired by the vision of “looking beyond disabilities, focusing on capabilities, expanding possibilities”, the entire day comprised of therapeutic projects involving music, dance, human values songs and games aimed at helping the children express their innate God-given abilities. Here are some photographs…..

Beach 2 Beach 5 Beach 7 Beach 9

Volume - 2 Issue - 11 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004