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Between You and Us

Dear Readers,
Devotees from various countries constantly plead that Swami’s Lotus feet must sanctify their land. In reply, He just smiles and says, “Sugar candy does not go in search of ants; it is the ants that come in search of the sugar candy!” Yet, Bhagawan made one exception: that was way back in 1968 when He went to East Africa. May be the ants prayed hard enough for the ‘Sweet’ Lord to rush to them and pour all his Sweet love on them. That is why it is said, the greatest of all is not even God, but the devotee who can even make God change his plans! The cover story this issue is about this unique event in the Avatar’s life: The African Odyssey!

Apart from this, we have a new feature called ‘From your Heart’ where we try to answer the spiritual questions received from the readers on various occasions. Readers should note that they are ‘our’ answers based on ‘our’ knowledge of Swami’s teachings. Please use them as pointers to get to the core of your questions and find the answers that satisfy you. All the answers are within you. Dive deep inside and all doubts shall vanish! That is what Swami says.

Lots of our readers are sending many good photographs of Nature for the feature ‘Glory of God’. We thank you all for the wonderful pictures!

Enjoy the reading and do get back to us on what you feel about this magazine.

Jai Sai Ram


Volume - 2 Issue - 12 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004