Moments Memories and Miracles
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The Creator…
by His Student

Year after year, students have the good fortune to photograph Bhagawan. We are mesmerized with the illusion that we have a lot to do with taking a good picture. Bhagawan has a way of teaching the simple yet profound messages.

In April'94, in Kodai Kanal. Nearly all the students on this trip had a camera with them. Four of us had been taking pictures of Bhagawan for over 4 years, and were known to have a camera handy, in His presence.

One crisp and beautiful morning, Bhagawan instructed the students to get ready for taking pictures and prepare to leave after morning darshan. We boarded the bus and made our way to a devotee’s house in Kodai Kanal. The garden was in spring bloom overlooking the clouds hugging the mountain ridges.

The CreatorAfter taking several pictures in various locations around the garden, we were preparing to return to Sai Sruthi. Before getting on the bus, we asked for one more pose. It so happened that, I needed to change the film in my camera. To keep out of the way for other photographers, I moved behind a small post with a creeper clinging to it. Before I knew it, Swami was walking towards me. HE came up to the creeper and plucked a few leaves. Swami turned His palm upwards and showed me a pair of fruit. He asked, “What is this?” I replied, “Swami, they are plums.” Swami gave his sweet smile and said, “Do plums grow on creepers?” Swami instructed the students to board the bus and Swami graciously joined us. As we started to move, HE put the “Plum” into the mouth of one of the boys and asked, “How does it taste?” he replied, “Like chocolate and no seed!”

There isn’t day that passes when Swami reinforces the principle of GOD - Generation, Organisation and Destruction.

(The accompanying photograph captures the exact moment described here. You can even see the boy, with the camera, behind the creeper !)


Volume - 2 Issue - 12 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004