Glory of God
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Dear Reader,
We present you some stunning pictures of the Grand Canyon, Arizona in USA. They were sent to us by sister Thavamalar of Singapore who was deeply touched by the beauty of the place. In her own words

‘I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, the past week and I was so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of His Handiwork. The incredible majesty of the Canyon and the vast expanse of it was such an awe-inspiring experience, it filled me with such a deep sense of insignificance that I felt like a speck of dust compared to the Canyon. I want to share some of the pictures I took.’

Enjoy the beauty.

Bright Angel Trail  Clouds Gods Handiwork
Light Setting sun The Mighty Colorado River

Volume - 2 Issue - 13 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004