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Between You and Us

Dear Readers,
SaiRam to one and all. Hope you had a wonderful Gurupurnima. As usual, Gurupurnima at Prasanthi Nilayam was really wonderful this year. From the 29th of June till 6th of July, it was one continuous song of Bliss. The dramas, the musicals, the talks by the elders and, of course, Bhagawan’s nectarine message transported everyone present there to an altogether different world-a world of oneness, beauty and harmony. Read the cover story to catch all the action of Gurupurnima 2004.

In his talk during Gurupurnima this year, Shri Indulal Shah mentioned that it had been prophesied in ancient scriptures that only one fourth of the Glory of Sai will be perceptible to mankind. The rest of the work is in other planes beyond human comprehension. Well, leave the other planes for a moment. If one thinks of just this physical plane, this earth of ours, the amount of transformation that is being brought about is stupendous. A movement of unprecedented magnitude is making inroads, slowly but surely, into the barren hearts of men and reclaiming them with Love. The ‘Walk for Values’ held last month in Canada is just one example of this Power in action. Read the article ‘Footprints of Love’ to know all about this unique event.

This time, the feature ‘Kindle your spirit’ carries an inspiring poem by Swami Vivekananda, entitled ‘Break all other idols’. This is not to be taken in the literal sense that idol worship is to be shunned but contains deeper meanings. Please ponder over them.

SaiRam and goodbye until the next issue!

In Sai Service
SGH team


Volume - 2 Issue - 14 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004