Tender Hearts
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To explain the most complex of concepts, the most abstract of subjects, in a simple and lucid, easily understandable manner is something which is common to all the great masters of the world. Be it Jesus, or the Buddha or Guru Nanak or Adi Sankara, every master instructed and inspired the masses through parables, stories, analogies and examples that the people were able to relate to. And when God comes down in human form too, this is no exception.
Picture 1Our beloved master, Sai, has over the years explained to us the most abstract of spiritual truths in a manner that even a child can understand and assimilate. Since He started teaching in the early 40s’, Swami has used umpteen examples and analogies, stories and anecdotes to drive the message into the hearts of the devotees clearly and firmly.
We are now going to visit a few of these wonderful analogies and examples through this game called “Peek the clues, seek the message”. You will have four clues in each case and using these clues you will have to guess/construct the exact analogy or the example and the message associated with it. All the analogies are taken from Baba’s discourses over the years. Take this for example:

Lamp-door-tongue-God’s name.

A lamp that is placed at the doorstep of the house will shed its light inside as well as outside of the house. In the same manner, for the body, the doorstep is the tongue and when the tongue chants God’s name, the light of the divine name will illumine our inner consciousness as well as our outer behaviour. Darkness from both within and without will be dispelled when the name of the lord is there on our tongue.

So, in this fashion, you will have to read the four clues and try to gather the message coherently. To check if you have got it right, look to the next page. If you can get atleast 10 out of this 15 right, then you are well read in Sai Literature. And if you could get only a few, even after a sincere try, no problem. Just read the answers and at the end of it you would be wiser with so many wonderful analogies and beautiful messages for you to take home.
So here are your clues:


1. Shoe-size-money-wise.
2. Birds-wings-world-confidence.
3. Devotional singing-paddy fields-rich harvest-grace.
4. Power station-poles-god’s grace-remembrance.
5. God’s grace-fan-breeze-human endeavor.
6. God-magnet-iron-rust.
7. Mosquitoes-mosquito net-holy places-defects.
8. Balloon-barrier-ego-consciousness.
9. Piece of paper-central bank insignia-man-devotion.
10. Landowner-many fields-clean heart-owner’s choice.
11. Heart-copper vessel-food-love.
12. Seed-too much earth-sinful acts -service.
13. 10000 coins-100 rupee note-worry-grace.
14. Dust-air-evil company-down.
15. Nail-wall-tests-success.


Volume - 2 Issue - 15 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004