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Between You and Us

Dear Reader,
The Olympics fever is catching up. The Nations are gearing up for the big fight. The whole world is expectantly waiting for the biggest sporting extravaganza on earth. By the time you read this editorial, you would have already witnessed a grand opening ceremony at Athens. The Olympics are grand. Their message is grander. The sad part is that the competition and show seem to be relegating the message to the back seat. The Olympic torch has traveled all around the globe. But it is doubtful if it has left a lasting light in the nations that it crossed. (The flame was carried more often by celebrities who were in no way connected with the Olympics or even sport, for that matter! At least, it happened that way in India).

But not all have forgotten the spirit of Olympics. A group of Sai Youth from Greece had contacted the Prasanthi Digital Studio last month and gave us an article on the great spiritual foundation upon which the Olympics was built. We were impressed. The world had to know about this. The Olympic spirit had to be rekindled. Hence the cover story this issue. Do tell us what you think about it.

Heart to Heart is completing one year of its existence this August 31st. A total of 24 issues (approximately 700 pages) have been published so far. To be honest with you, for us this is nothing short of a miracle. This has been possible entirely because of the GRACE of SWAMI.

Of course, you are the most wonderful readers a magazine can get. Your appreciation, feedback, criticism and suggestions have made the mag what it is today.

But now it is time for us to re-evaluate the way this magazine is presented. There is a lot of restructuring and re-organising going on. Expect a lot of changes and improvements to be made very soon. Please bear with us during this period of flux. Our aim is to bring to you Swami’s message in the best manner possible.

In Sai Service
SGH team


Volume - 2 Issue - 16 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004