Moments Memories and Miracles
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-His student

When I first joined Sri Sathya Sai College, Brindavan in 1978 I was full of wonder at the new spiritual experience that I was going through amidst the sylvan surroundings and the Divine Presence. Being a new devotee I felt like a sponge soaking up every tiny detail about Sweet Sai’s Leelas and Mahimas. Every story about how Swami’s Love and Grace that had intimately touched the lives of devotees near and far fascinated me as it did all the other students studying with me. We frequently heard these Sai experiences during evening bhajans at the Hostel, the morning assembly at the College or during the room meetings just before lights out.

During a particular Thursday morning assembly, our (late) Principal Narendra read out a fascinating article that he received from UK which made a deep impression on my mind. It was a unique story of how our Dear Lord touches not just the lives of human beings on earth but also those beings on other planes of existence. I take this opportunity to share that article with all who love Sweet Sai.

Message from YoreMrs. Betty Gisner of California is a healer and an automatic writing medium of the highest integrity. Her husband is a professor of Psychology, now devoting his time to regressed hypnosis healing many sufferers. While staying at the Seeker’s Trust, Addington Park, Trent, England, she went into one of the meditation chapels there with a pad and pen hoping to come in contact with her healing helpers, and was very surprised when she found what she had written. She had not asked any question about Sri Sathya Sai Baba, though she and her husband were planning to go to India.

The communicator gives the name as AMKSORE and that he was a server (monk) at Glastonbury long ago and was later with St Francis of Assisi. He signed his communication with a capital ‘A’ interspersed with a cross. This is the communication.

“On the question of the divinity of Baba, we would comment. This being of light is ineffaceable in his radiance which suffuses and envelopes all those who are fortunate enough to come within his radiance. He is truly a Divine Being. We would have you realize that those who are on our planet of living are very far from perfection of one such as this ‘Holy Man’ among men, the Healer of those who desperately need His help. We are nothing when compared with this Flame of Truth. We bow in adoration at the feet of this Divine Being. We feel love, the all encompassing love, which he inherently has at the core of His very Being, the love that sustains, the love that comforts, the love that encourages and envelopes those who travel from far places to be in His Presence. We rarely wish to be incarnated in flesh once again, but to experience the glory of His Presence we would be willing to don once again the cloak of your human condition. These opportunities are rare and precious and in the space of your earthly incarnation you will never have the opportunity to see a presence as this. When you see the physical body of Baba, there will be aroused within you an ecstasy such as that engulfed by Francisco but even more deeply will this spiritual expansion be felt. This is somewhat an ordinary way of trying to express our inexpressible reaction, for in the presence of Baba, you are in the presence of God-made flesh, not as mere men and women are Gods-in-making but a force of such inestimable power and beauty that there are truly no words in your language to describe this experience.”

As we see the ever-increasing numbers of devotees that now come to Prasanthinilayam we cannot help noticing that what used to be a ‘festival crowd’ in the 70’s and 80’s is now a ‘daily darshan crowd’. When we are part of this multitude of devotees it is such a humbling experience to realize that we are merely a speck of sand on this beach. And we have yet not included the millions of souls on other planes of existence that grace Prasanthinilayam with their invisible presence. It is again Sweet Sai’s grace that He let us all have a peek through this article at His power and Glory which is beyond our human comprehension.


Volume - 2 Issue - 17 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004