Tender Hearts
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Sai ram to you!
And welcome to the game of ‘Rhyme the value’;
Now, all you have to do
Is to find the word from the first clue,
Then look for another rhyming one to glue
And the game is through.
If you get all or miss only one or two,
You know you are one of the sharp n’ smart few
With a good IQ and also VQ (Value Quotient),
May the Lord almighty bless u!

Picture 1Well, the rules of this exercise are pretty clear from the poem above. We could have put it in prose but the poem, you will agree, has its own charm, it’s rhymes and thoughtful constructions making it a pleasure to read. It is for this reason we thought of this game which has something to do with rhyming and at the same time with values.
Often Swami rhymes with words and conveys through them messages that are catchy and at the same time deeply profound. ‘Help ever, Hurt Never’; ‘Love all Serve all’, are examples that immediately strike you.
But unlike these examples, here in this exercise, we are not taking any sayings. Just words. But not any English word, only words that connote values or are of religious/spiritual significance. We have a set of two clues and you have to just find two words from these two clues such that the words rhyme. That’s all about it. Take this for example –

Clue: 1.
a) To offer help or contribute in kind concerned for others’ welfare.
b) Flawless, blemishless character of an individual.

Answer: 1.
a) Charity
b) Purity.

Try the following set of clues and look to the next page to see if you’ve got it right.


1. a) Use this lens, you can perceive Sai.
b) But for this feeling, u wouldn’t bow down to holy men.

2. a) An enthusiast of the lord.
b) An educated person’s hallmark, according to Baba.

3. a) A phenomena beyond human comprehension.
b) A person or thing giving wise instruction.

4. a) Believing in oneself.
b) Being wise and careful in behaviour.

5. a) Knit as one family unit.
b) Full of grit, morally fit.

6. a) The ultimate freedom.
b) Vision, prophecy of a god, an angel, etc.

7. a) Comfortable in the fort of moral strength in pain or trouble.
b) The attitude to value received kindness.

8. a) To endure calmly, time will tame all.
b) To pursue courageously, difficulties will drift way.

9. a) But for this in kids, u wouldn’t love them.
b) Unconditionally showering love and grace.

10. a) A ceremony, custom.
b) Late? Never.

11. a) Genuine generosity.
b) Sea of deep love.

12. a) Behaviour, light and right.
b) Act, mildness and kindness.

13. a) Give over to the lord, in His service.
b) Think solely on the lord, in His service.


Volume - 2 Issue - 17 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004