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The Sai Weekend School of Harrow offers the Sai Education programme to 500 pupils on Saturday mornings. The school was selected to perform for Her Majesty the Queen of England on her recent visit to Harrow to celebrate the Borough’s 50th Anniversary as a recognised London Borough.

Queens VisitHer Royal Highness smiled at the little Sai boys holding the value banners. “You are from Sai School,” she beamed. All the eleven boys saluted her and she read the five values. “Should we all bow to Her Majesty,” commanded their teacher. All the boys did the perfect bow and the Mayor then introduced the Head Teacher to Her Majesty who was very interested in the School and its activities. The Headmistress briefed the monarch on the Sai education programme, and the transformation it brings about in the pupils and the community as a whole.

She watched the Union Jack dance and stopped to talk to the pupils, then moved on to watch the dance on ‘Vande Mataram’ (India’s national song) and seemed mesmerised by their colourful costumes, jewellery and dance movements. As she climbed the steps to pull the curtain and officially open the plaque of Harrow’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the Sai students stood around the royal entourage and before the royals departed, the Duke of Edinburgh stopped to talk to some of the pupils.

Everyone in Sai School of Harrow was most impressed with Her Majesty and how humble, kind and warm hearted she is. As for the Sai School pupils, no one could wipe the smile off their faces for this rare privilege.

 Queens Visit  Queens Visit Queens Visit  Queens Visit



Volume - 2 Issue - 17 Radiosai Journal - PSN 2004