Conversation with SAI
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Spiritual Blossoms

SAI: When you don’t have absolute faith in the result, then doubt arises. An example: now it is daylight and the objects in the room are seen very clearly, and there is no doubt in regard to them. At night when it is fully dark and you have to grope around and do not see any of the objects, there is no doubt about that situation. But at dusk, when it is half light and half dark, doubt can arise and you may see a rope and imagine it to be a snake and be frightened. Light is not full and vision is not clear. Full light is wisdom, and full darkness is ignorance. Doubt arises when there is half darkness and half light. The half light is wisdom and the half darkness is ignorance. When you have partial ignorance and partial wisdom then you have doubts. Now you are in the middle stage when you have this little bit of wisdom and also some ignorance, where ignorance and wisdom are mixed. You are not fully experienced. When you have proper experience, the doubt will vanish. Because you are not fully experienced you are having this doubt.

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