Chinna Katha
Volume 2 Issue 18 Oct 2004 Spiritual Blossoms

One Little Story.

“Oka Chinna Katha”—when Bhagavan intercepts the speeding current of His Discourse with these three Telugu words, meaning, “One little story” all ears are alert, all hearts are a-quiver. For, the story that follows is a flash that illumines, a shower that cools, a joke that tickles, a “tablet” that alleviates, a peep into epic grandeur or pompous absurdity, a poetic parenthesis, an exhilarating prick, a lilt that enlightens, a sugar-coated pill of profundity, a disarming repartee, a volley of raillery on religious rigmarole! It may be a tonic tale of the past or the report of a contemporary comedy. It may be a thrust on theological disputation or a dear little dig at some egoistic dignitary.

The Chinna Katha, if only we ponder over its relevance, is an effective instrument in Bhagavan’s educational process. When He is discoursing, these parables and stories, ever on the wing, hover in flocks in the firmament of His Love.

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