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Dear listeners,

This is a small sample of the letters that we received from you over the last three years. We thank each and every one of you for the encouragement and love you have poured on Radio Sai. Radio Sai is what it is today solely because of the inspiration that it receives from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Let us all be grateful to Him forever.

A companion during convalescence…………


My name is K.S.S. Raghavan and I am a resident of Prasanthi Nilayam. (Today I am using my daugter's e-mail to write to you since I do not have my own computer!) I wanted to convey my appreciation to the excellent service you are providing through Radio Sai for all Sai devotees. Recently, I had to undergo an eye surgery on May 22nd in the Super Specialty Hospital at Puttaparthy. During post operative recovery for one month, I was told to avoid all reading including newspapers. For a constant reader of Sai literature like me, this was a tough constraint. Radio Sai came to my rescue during this month and now I am a regular listener of Radio Sai. During the recovery period, I was able to listen to at least two discourses of Bhagavan everyday, very clearly without any disturbance, better than even hearing the discourse live at Prasanthi Nilayam.

The interviews that you broadcast are very impressive, informative and instructive. Especially the way Dr.G.V. was asking questions to elicit very useful and amazing narrations of experiences with Swami was very nice. Your selections of musical performances and Bhajans in various languages from various times are very soothing and spiritually uplifting. All in all, I felt that the surgery and the post operative restriction on reading was actually a Divine Gift from Swami in order for me to utilize the opportunity to listen to Radio Sai. Now I make it a point to listen to it for at least a couple of hours a day.

I pray to Bhagavan to bless you with all the skills, strength and wherewithal to pursue this noble service of spreading the Glory of Divinity of Sai with increasing vigour. I also pray that this useful Service can be enjoyed by our Western devotees also soon.

Again, thank you for your excellent work and May Sai bless you with continued excellence in your service.

K.S.S. Raghavan
S1-B29 Prasanthi Nilayam

Respected Sir,

Sairam. It is with great pleasure that I write this letter. My age is 70 years and I am confined to the house because of my inability to move about outside. My left knee and right shoulder have become stiff because the treatment I had did not suit my constitution. As such, my only companion is Radio Sai since a year and a half and I keep switching it on even during nights when I am awake. It is really soothing to hear Bhagawan’s discourses when the atmosphere is still at that hour.

B Devaki Ramakrishna
Tarnaka, Hyderabad

Generating good thoughts………..


I started listening to Radio Sai for the last 15 days and feel that I have wasted all this time not listening to it. I feel more connected to THE DIVINE by listening more and more. The thoughts I heard just from Prof GV were so great and the only thought that goes in my mind is: Swami, give me all the thoughts to be of some help to mankind, for I feel I am doing nothing today to help mankind. It is HIS thought that would make me choose the right path to service.


Broadcasting Bliss……………

Sai Ram, Dear Radio Sai Sevaks,

Thank you so much for streaming Radio Sai so that those of us who are not in the range of a satellite can enjoy your wonderful programmes. We have been in bliss, listening all day on week-ends and each evening after working - a glorious way to end the day. Please, please continue this service. We are all so grateful for your work - it is Swami's divine gift to thirsty devotees.

At His Lotus Feet,
Amy Stiber
Louisville Kentucky USA

Bringing back a prodigal son………


I just wanted to tell you how much Radio Sai means to me. I stayed in Babaji’s ashram in Puttaparthi for a month about 14 years ago. It had a major impact on my life of course, but over the years I drifted into a fairly normal existence. Listening to Baba's discourses and bhajans is helping me get back on track. Thank you very much. Param pita Baba ki jai!

Bruce Boyd

Spreading Goodwill……..


Just a quick note to let you know how grateful I am for this website. It is beautiful and very touching. I have 'visited' many times (sometimes several times per day) and I am always touched by all the information, teachings and goodwill that it radiates. Many blessings to you.

Peace and Love,
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Inspiring tender hearts………

Sai Ram to all at Radio Sai,

Thank you very much for proving Swami's devotees with 24 hours of love everyday of the week! I am a university student from England and love listening to Swami's programmes while I work on my coursework. The bhajans are so uplifting and it's great to hear the bhajans sung from countries all over the world.

I have one small request or wish and that is to share my love for Swami with all his devotees. Would it be possible for you to read out a poem that (was inspired by Swami) I have written? It is entitled Divine Inspiration.

Divine Inspiration

The world is what I call Divine Inspiration.
Every single living thing -
The beauty, the beasts
The sky, the Earth
The happiness, the sadness
All from the smallest detail,
grown from a seed of love.

Many thanks once again to you all for providing us with
such a wonderful opportunity to listen to Swami's message.

Jai Sai Ram,

Miss Dipika S Mistry,
Bedford Sai Centre, United Kingdom.

Uninterrupted Ananda………

Sai Ram.

I am very happy to receive RSGH via the internet. It brings the aura of Sai into my home. We tune in daily. The messages, music and discourses help me to tune my life on Sai as living in the material world is hard. Sai Baba teaches us that we are God. I listen to RSGH before I go to the workplace, when I come home from a day’s work as well as in the week-ends, when I work on my computer, etc. Radio Sai Global Harmony is a real blessing. I am with Swami for 29 years. Never could I imagine receiving His messages through a radio broadcast directly into my home in The Netherlands. It is really very smoothing. No commercials. No newsbreaks. It melts my heart. Thank you for this great gift and blessings for the sevaks who supply us with this continuous stream of love from Prashanti Nilayam.

Francois Jeunhomme
The Netherlands