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(Continued from last Issue)
SAI: ……..The word, 'surrender', in English, is not quite correct; it is not the right word. Because, when you say, 'surrender', you are separate and God is separate. That is the meaning you get. But God is not separate.

A Visitor: The word, 'surrender', is not the correct word, so Self-realisation...

Image 1SAI: Self-realisation that is why they call it so. You are You. You realise your own Self. You are you, not your wife. You are You.

A Second Visitor: Where is our responsibility? We are supposed to share, to help others.

A Third Visitor: Help oneself first.

SAI: ‘Self’ is the base, or foundation. 'Help' is the wall. God is the roof or top of the building. ‘Light’ is the owner.

A Visitor: But she was asking, 'what is the limit?’ Where is the limit of one's responsibility? How far should she go?

SAI: First you should look after yourself and not be a burden. That is the first thing. If you are not able to help so many people, it doesn't matter. But if you don't do anything that is harmful, that is real help. If you can't help a person, never mind. But don't harm anybody. To harm is bad. But the very feeling you have that you can't help, itself is good.

You must have physical strength, spiritual strength, and mental strength; and only when you have the three, then you can really do service. Food, head, and God. Food is for the body; and you want a good body so the brain can function properly, so you can think. And why do you want this head and that intellect? To realise that which is beyond this - and that is God.Image 2

Visitor: But it hurts me to see people in need, beggars and innocent little children who are ill.

A Second Visitor: Is it not egoistic to have everything for yourself?

Translator: But Swami did not mean in that sense. What Swami said is that when you do not have the physical, mental and spiritual strength, how can you really help another person?

SAI: Sometimes when we are not balanced and have not realised the proper truth, we will mislead so many other people.

A Visitor: It is that you cannot give what you do not have.

A Second Visitor:
Nothing before straightening yourself.

H: Is it possible for Swami to give the lady Self-realisation?

A Third Visitor: Swami says it is possible. Since He gives the Truth, cannot He also give Self-realisation to the heart?

SAI: When there is that feeling, that depth of feeling, Swami can give it. Oh, yes. She has such a depth of feeling for the body. If she has the same intensity for God-realisation, Swami can give it - just now.

H: So, that is what Swami means by, ‘Before you can help people'.

SAI: The more intensity, the greater the result. If you are digging a well, the deeper you dig the higher will be the wall formed by the mud you bring out. The depth is in the form of the height. (The deeper you dig the higher the wall).

H: Swami says that He cannot give to a dry heart. Why is the heart dry?

Image 3SAI: God gives even that for our own good. When you aren’t hungry, why should He give you food? When you’re hungry and receive food, it is useful; but if you aren’t hungry and He gives you food, you will have indigestion. Sometimes, even if you are hungry, God doesn’t give you food - just to keep you in check and control.

Suppose you are in the hospital; they can't give you everything you might ask for. There is a proper time and a proper way for your own sake. Sometimes God withholds even a spiritual experience because God does everything for man's good. He never does anything to harm man or give him sorrow. But you must have that faith. First you must grapple with the fact that duty is God, and start doing your duty.

H: Is it that the heart is dry because one is not doing one’s duty?

SAI: Nobody’s heart is really dry. At least men have sense love. At least you have worldly love for children, family and others. It is the same love but given to some only. You only have to take it all and give it to God.

(to be continued…)