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Young Arshad Ali is the son of a small-time shopkeeper who sells footwear in his native town in Maharashtra. Arshad had a problem right from birth – his skin would often turn blue. He also had a problem in walking and his growth was far from normal. The child was receiving treatment in a local hospital, but it did not help. The problem was serious and the child needed major heart surgery. Where was the poor shopkeeper to go for that kind of money?

In desperation, the parents turned to the only source of comfort they knew – Allah; and Allah responded too! One day, one of the residents of that town who had been treated for a heart ailment in Swami’s Hospital in Bangalore, recommended that Arshad be taken there.

Arshad was taken there and the gates of Compassion opened wide. First, a thorough checkup was performed, then a date for the surgery was set; after that came the operation itself - everything absolutely free. Does the outcome have to be described? Does not Arshad’s photo taken after the surgery say it all?

We hail Swami by all the Divine Names known, including Allah. And Bhagavan says: “Call Me by any Name but do so with Pure Love.” When we do, He does respond, as happened in Arshad’s case.

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