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The games you play may be compared to the Mahabharata war. On one side were ranged the forces of evil—the Kauravas—and on the other the powers of good—the Pandavas. They played the game of Life with an empire as the football. Till the end of the battle, Lord Krishna was the sole chief for the righteous Pandavas.

The wicked Kauravas lost their commanders one after the other in the battle. The Pandavas, who had complete¬ly surrendered to Krishna, achieved ulti¬mate victory. The contest could be des¬cribed as one between the evil qualities of Desire, Hatred, Envy, Pride, etc. on the one side and good qualities like Truth, Dharma, Tranquility, Non-violence and Love on the other.


The body is the battle¬field. The captain of one team is the embodiment of good qualities. The captain of the other is the embodiment of mundane desires. There can only be defeat for those who adhere to ever-changing, worldly desires. Only those who attach themselves to the unchanging, eter¬nal Divine can hope for enduring success in life. Gandhari, the wife of Dhritarashtra and mother of the Kauravas, and Sakuni, were children of the same mother. Gandhari was like a vessel of nectar. Sakuni was a very clever man, but full of poison. Acting on the advice of Sakuni, the Kauravas lost their kingdom and everything else.

No one should feel proud about his cleverness or intelligence, or about his ability to win laurels in studies. Good character and right thinking are more valuable than scholastic achieve¬ments or intellectual abilities. Utilize your intelligence and thoughts for achiev¬ing that bliss which comes from leading a life of righteousness and goodness. Enter on a life dedicated to ideals. - BABA

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