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  Volume 3 - Issue 2,
FEB 2005


-By Priya Murali Mohan

What is He? Who is He?
An angel gliding on a beam of light?
A divine feather floating past?
A surreal Presence?
But definitely not a man…

He comes near, very close, just a few rows away….
And, His fragrance arrives before Him…
He comes closer and oh….
What calmness!
What calmness on His face….
I see That which Is ….
Permanent, Immortal, Brahman!
He sees and He does not…
He is and He is not….
The mind finally shuts up…..
But, my heart is lost forever…
The eyes cannot behold Him any longer,
The ego sheds its tears and
The body shakes with grief long carried, and shivers like a flower…

I calm down later,
And wonder at this in awe….
The millions here bonded together in love
Each with his own splendid experience of His Divine Grace….

Isn't everyone's soul but a small drop from the ocean of Your Divinity?
Oh Baba!
I realize mine found You at last…
And wishes to stay tethered like this, always!

Long after, I close my eyes in the car and there He is in my eyes, bejeweled and smiling,
With a flute in His hand….
He smiles, plays hide and seek, and vanishes….
Oh Sai Krishna!
Stay within my heart like this forever…

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