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  Volume 3 - Issue 2,
FEB 2005


Harish with his Grandpa


Ten year old Harish’s father was working as a lorry driver in Vijayawada. Unfortunately for Harish, his father passed away in a lorry accident 5 years back. After his father’s death, Harish and his mother stayed with Harish’s grandfather. The grandfather too was struggling to make both ends meet. He was working as a clerk in a textile shop earning a meager salary with which he managed to enroll Harish in school.

One day, while returning from school, Harish had an attack of epilepsy and developed high fever and his right side was partially paralyzed (right sided hemiparesis and facial weakness with slurred speech).

He was rushed to Guntur for treatment. Since there was not much improvement, the doctors there advised them to go to the Sri Sathya Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Bangalore. Harish and his grandfather came to the Hospital for checkup. It was diagnosed that Harish was having left partial arterio venous malformation and required surgery. Harish was admitted on 6-10-04 and underwent an operation and he has fully recovered. Tears of joy rolled down the wrinkled cheeks of his grandpa seeing his dear Harish walk again.

The grandson and grandfather were last spotted boarding a bus to Parthi, with joy and gratitude written large on their faces, to thank the maker of this miracle: Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

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