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  Volume 3 - Issue 2,
FEB 2005


Seva by Sathya Sai Alumni

Swami says that the quality of our service is more important and not the quantity.

The world around us is full of suffering. There are people who do not have homes. There are people who do not have two square meals a day. There are people who have no one called their ‘own’. We may not be rich, but if we have the attitude to serve there are plenty of ways in which we can help our less fortunate brethren.

This is what a group of young former students of Swami do every year.

During the winter months of December and January, there is considerable cold in and around the villages in Puttaparthi. This group of boys load scores of new thick woollen blankets in a couple of vehicles and set out in the night for a round in the neighbouring villages and towns.

Railway stations, bus stations and pavements….These are the resting places for the night for several unfortunate homeless people.

The students spot a sleeping old man and gently cover him with the new blanket. The surprised man is told lovingly that this is a gift from Sai Baba. He is so overwhelmed by this gesture that he can’t even speak. A photo of Swami and some vibhuti is given to him which he accepts reverentially. The students move on searching for their next God in waiting…..

Through this ‘Blanket Seva’ as they call it, they say that they are not merely helping their poor brethren to keep themselves warm. They are also warming the hearts of those people as well as their own.

Can you make a small difference in the lives of the people around you?

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