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  Volume 3 - Issue 3
MAR 2005



People determine the nature of the Divine, through the categories of logic and dialectics. But, intellect cannot grasp it; reason cannot delve into it. For, both are shaped by one's prejudices and predispositions. We appreciate only what we like; we see only what we would like to see. "When prayer is answered and one gets what one desires, God is real; when they are not answered, God is a fake, a figment of the imagination." Arjuna acclaimed Krishna as the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God, when the foe was defeated, day after day. But, when his son Abhimanyu was killed in the conflict, he raved in his grief that Krishna had not guided him properly and guarded him efficiently. His mind wavered with every wind of fortune. To many, the mind is the master of the intellect also. One must be vigilant, and preserve the impartiality of the instrument called Reason or Intellect. Clarify Reason; then, it will reveal God everywhere, even in you. Once you accept God as the core of the Universe and yourself, have that faith strong and steady.

When one chooses a life partner nowadays, the first consideration is paid to exter¬nal beauty and charm. Next, the economic position is taken as the basis. How rich is he or she? How much does he or she earn? Questions like, 'How far are they educated?' 'What is the social status of the families to which they belong?', are asked later. Carried off by mere external frills, people enter into wedlock, and get entangled in misery or a destructive family life. The family cannot be stable if it is built on such slender foundation. Prime importance has to be paid to the fundamental requisites of a good character, high ideals of tolerance and forbearance, love and service. When beauty fades or wealth wanes, the bond too becomes less strong.

It is the same with the God whom you choose, adore and yearn to live with. You should not choose God for the benefits He can shower on you. Do not expect God to satisfy your worldly or material ambitions; and, when they are not realised, do not desert the Path towards God. "Baba! Appear in my dream this night!" you demand, and, if it does not happen, He is not Sai Baba, he is Rai Baba (Stone Baba); and, you go in search of some other God who will be at your beck and call. You must hold on to your faith, whatever might happen, success or failure, appointment or disappointment. When God who is your very core is irremovably fixed in your consciousness, there will be no room for elation or dejection. God is bliss, and when God is the undying spring in you, you will ever have Bliss. - Baba

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