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Between you and us

Dear Reader,

SaiRam and greetings to all of you from Prasanti Nilayam. The last major festival of the year, Mahashivaratri, is over and the air is now filled with rumours on when Swami will go to Brindavan, His summer residence at Bangalore. Of course, nobody knows when that will happen until it happens! The prayers from the devotees of Banglaore intensify as each day passes without His coming. After all, they have been waiting for this event for one long year.

Meanwhile, there is a look of despondency that is setting into the faces of the residents of Prasanthi Nilayam. There will no longer be those beautiful darshans. They can no longer hear His beautiful voice. Nor can they revel in the company of devotees from distant lands who bring with them tales of the Lord’s compassion and love. It is as though a thick rainforest that had thunder showers everyday is suddenly about to turn into a Sahara desert for the next two months.

This is the power of the Lord’s physical form. The sweetness of the proximity is addictive. Ask the Gopis and they will tell you all about it. As one devotee put it: His omnipresence is sweet. But His presence is much sweeter.

That is true, but the Lord is a tough task master. He says, ‘I am not angaswarupa, I am atmaswarupa’, meaning ‘I am not this body you see, I am the Self immanent in all. How can you limit me to only one form?’

So, it is time for the Parthi people to experience His Omnipresence; to see Him in all people they meet; to experience Him in all that they do; to feel His GRACE in all moments of the day.

Yes, that is the word: GRACE. So beautiful, soothing and assuring. That is our cover story this time. Read it, enjoy it and experience His Grace.

In Sai Service
SGH team

  Volume 3 - Issue 4,
APRIL 2005

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