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  Volume 3 - Issue 4
APRIL 2005



Embodiments of Love! The reconstruction of man is indeed the reconstruction of the world. Only when man becomes better can the world be bettered. Only when the individual becomes good can society be happy. Progress in externals like political, economic, and social spheres, is not enough. The mind of man has to be reformed. This cannot be affected through food only. Materialists who argued that human problems can be solved by ensuring food, clothing and shelter reached their climax when in the Twentieth Century the atom bomb was exploded. Man can reach full¬ness only when the three lines of progress material, mental and spiritual—are all pursued with earnestness.

Sanathana Dharma enables one to attain this Fullness. Really speaking, very few have grasped the uniqueness and the importance of this Religion. Nowadays, many elders and political leaders are afraid to utter even the name "Religion" before the gatherings they address. They shape their lives in accordance with a new order, which has no religious slant whatsoever. In fact, they have not understood what religion really means. They do not attempt to discover the significance and the role of religion. Many talk from platforms on Hinduism and Sanathana Faith but very few of them have understood the genuine core. The Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai BabaSanathana Dharma is the very basis of living. It deals with the total personality. It embraces all Faiths and has established worldwide influence. Sanathana means Eternal; only a Dharma which can win universal acceptance can be named Sanathana. The religions we know about are all derived from a person or prophet who is adored as the Ideal. Islam has Muhammad, Christianity has Jesus, Buddhism has the Buddha. But Sanathana Dharma is not derived from or through a person. It is the primal essen¬ce of all other faiths. It is the essence of all the messages prophets proclaimed. It is welcomed by all mankind, for it welcomes all mankind. It is therefore to be deplored that some Indians boast selfishly, "Sanathana Dharma is our religion."

Newton, a Westerner, discovered after a series of experiments, that the earth had the force of gravitation. But, we cannot conclude that the earth had no such force until Newton's discovery. So too, though the principles of Sanathana Dharma are inherent in human consciousness, and have their impact all over the world, the people of Bharat have long practised and experienced them and discovered their value and validity. They have earned invaluable Bliss there from. Just as atomic science developed in one country and later spread to other countries, the Sanathana Faith, developed in India, has spread to other countries. Even a material process like atomic science cannot be held down in one place; in the same manner, this spiritual science too spreads all over the wide world.

Sanathana Dharma is bound to overcome today's rampant materialism, for it can harmonise the secular and the spiritual into a single way of life. It can bring together into closer kinship both man and God. It is based on the Divine which is the reality of the self. So, it is not limited to one country, one individual, one period of time, or one sect. It has a variety of procedures, points of view, disciplines and guidelines, in accordance with the special features of the region, the age, and the environment. This Faith, though first explicit on Bharat, between the Himalayan range and the three seas, has become a world faith, through its innate divine strength. - Baba

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