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  Volume 3 - Issue 5
MAY 2005



This is a letter sent by one of our readers via e-mail, on 6th April 2005. It is one more testimony of how Swami is always hearing our prayers…

12 February 05


Dear Sai brothers and sisters


Every passing day, a new dimension unfolds and engulfs us with His Grace which is Kaalathita…(Beyond Time)

I was having some difficulties in collecting my dues from my earlier organisation and this had been precipitating over 6 months.

Yesterday I was told that I would not get any of it as there was a very convoluted rationale for the same.

I was upset not that my money would not come in but at the adharma of the whole thing.
I got over it as I thought that should Swami want me to get the same, I would.
This morning at 6.30 am I wrote out a one page letter to Swami - which I am yet to post - about this problem and how I could have avoided the same.

I just got a call - at 10.30 am - from the organisation as to how the issue was resolved and that they were computing what was payable to me.


Swami is there within us - nee inta, nee vinta...as He always says ...taking care of the small little nitty-gritties of our lives, when He has so much to do....

And are we all doing our bit to get at least somewhere closer to what He wants us to be?
We need to take stock - especially when Swami responds in record time - why are we taking our whole lives to do what He wants us to do...

I thought I should share this with someone as the feeling of thrill is so high and I did not know whom to tell….

Thank you

Warm regards
Sai ram
Gita Nair

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