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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 5
MAY 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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After the death of Patel, his wife struggles hard to bring up her boy. Young Sai continues to be a ‘problem child’. One day, Sai and His friends are getting ready to play a game of marbles. They are choosing the order in which the boys would play. The game involves placing some marbles within a circle drawn on the ground and knocking this collection with another marble thrown from a distance, somewhat like in modern bowling.

YOUNG SAI: I am the first striker.

A BOY: I am second.

ANOTHER BOY: I am third.

YOUNG SAI: Hey Krishna! Each will play with five marbles; winner takes all!



Young Sai is standing before a Mosque, surrounded by his friends. He is explaining the Hindu scriptures to them.


The game begins. Young Sai is the first striker.

YOUNG SAI: [Counts] One, two, three, four, five…..[throws His projectile; scores a hit and shouts] I have won all these marbles! I have won all these!

A BOY: Hey Krishna, you strike next!

Krishna throws and scores some success.

KRISHNA: [counts the marbles he has won] One, two, ….. I have won these.

ANOTHER BOY: Move over, I’ll try.

After some time, the game is over. Young Sai has won everything, leaving the others empty handed. He is dancing with all His winning in His hand.

YOUNG SAI: All these marbles are mine!


Meanwhile, worship goes on inside the Mosque.


Young Sai and His friends are now gathered before a Hindu Temple where worship is going on inside. Meanwhile, a young boy is looking at a paper spinning wheel that Sai is holding in His hand.  

Altar room of a house in the village. The lady of the house is preparing for Puja or ritualistic Hindu worship. She is being assisted by her younger sister named Bhavani.

LADY (to girl): Hey you! Don’t touch that!! That is a SALIGRAMAM [a Lingam]. It is very sacred. It must be cleaned only with sacred water.

GIRL: When does one do that?

LADY: Every Monday, Siva is worshipped by pouring water over the SALIGRAMAM. At that time the water becomes holy; that water is used for subsequent cleaning. Right now you can clean all these. After that, go and fetch fresh water from the well. Meanwhile, I shall get kumkum, sandal paste, and the various other things needed for the worship.



The scene of the earlier marble game. The boys are talking amongst themselves. Young Sai has moved off some distance away, to count His winnings.

KRISHNA: That fellow [Young Sai] has taken away all our marbles.

SECOND BOY: We now have no marbles at all to play with!

THIRD BOY: Our pockets are all empty!

KRISHNA: Let us ask him to return our marbles.

BOY: Let’s go!

BOY: Let’s go!

Some distance away, Young Sai is seated, happily looking at His winnings. He is counting the number of marbles He has won earlier.

YOUNG SAI: One, two, three, four, five ….

KRISHNA: Hey you fellow! Give me back my marbles, and we will play again.

YOUNG SAI: Really?! You must be joking! Who will return what has been won? These are all mine.

KRISHNA: I agree you won but we played only for fun. Give those marbles back, we shall play again. Otherwise I’ll pelt marbles at you.

YOUNG SAI: Oh yeah? I won’t be idle and just sitting while you are throwing things. If you really want to play, go get fresh marbles; then we can play.

KRISHNA: So, you won’t give back what you took?

YOUNG SAI: No I will not, will not, will not!

KRISHNA: You fellow! I’ll tell you something. I shall bring a magic marble and win back all those you have.

YOUNG SAI: Really? Go ahead! Can you get back the mango or the banana that has been eaten?! How is it possible?

KRISHNA: He is mocking at us again. I’ll go this minute to my house, bring that magic marble, and fix him!

YOUNG SAI: Go ahead and try!


By way of a reply, Young Sai begins chanting from the Quoran. This irritates the elder.  

Krishna is the son of the lady who was preparing for Puja earlier. He sneaks into the Puja room. No one is there, and Krishna looks for the sacred SALIGRAMAM, without realising that it is not a marble but a sacred object of worship.

KRISHNA: [to himself] Where is it?

Locates the white SALIGRAMAM. Picks it up with joy.

KRISHNA: This marble is great! If I play with it, I’ll surely win!!

KRISHNA: I’ll now fix him!

Walks out of the house with the SALIGRAAMAM.



Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.  

The scene of the marble game again. No game is in progress, but everyone is waiting for Krishna to appear and challenge Young Sai again.

BOY (to Young Sai): Do you think he will come?

YOUNG SAI: He will certainly come; after all he lost all his marbles, didn’t he?

KRISHNA: I’ve brought it; see! [shows the SALIGRAMAM] White marble!!

YOUNG SAI: Great! Nice-looking marble. Shall we play with this one?

KRISHNA: Not only will I play but also win back all the marbles I lost.

YOUNG SAI: Don’t just talk; show it in action.

KRISHNA: If you can’t strike this marble, you have to return all the ten marbles you took.

YOUNG SAI: Yes, but in case I strike, this white marble becomes mine.

KRISHNA: O.K. Place all the ten marbles.

YOUNG SAI: Will do, but if after I strike the white marble you hem and haw and don’t give it to me, I shall swallow not only the marble but also you!

KRISHNA: Bet now.


KRISHNA: Place all your ten marbles.

YOUNG SAI: You too, place that white marble.

KRISHNA: This is no ordinary marble for you to swallow just like that. It is a magic marble!

YOUNG SAI: Your Mantras and tricks won’t work with Me. But My Mantras can do wonders.

KRISHNA: We shall see; play now.

YOUNG SAI: Since you lost earlier, you strike first.

KRISHNA: Now watch my aim


A crowd of villagers march to Patel’s house. They are all angry and upset by what Young Sai is doing. One of them knocks on the door of Patel’s house.  

Krishna throws and misses.

KRISHNA: [to Young Sai] Now you play.

YOUNG SAI: Yes, I’ll play now.

Young Sai strikes and scores a bulls-eye. Dances with joy.

YOUNG SAI: This white marble is mine! It is mine!!



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