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  Volume 3 - Issue 5
MAY 2005



God is present, Now and at every Now
Though no eye has seen, He is everywhere.

To save the worlds from blinding night
He waves two lamps in space the sun and moon
He stays the million twinkling hordes of stars
Firm on firmament, lest they clash and crash
He holds aloft the big blue dome so far above
With neither prop nor pillar from below.
He rotates our globe, so fast, in silent smooth
With never a jolt or jar, with even pace
He lovingly fans soft soothing breeze
With never a demand for wages and perks.
He has chained the feet of reckless raging seas
Lest they rush on land in ruinous haste.

God is present, now and at every Now
Though no eye has seen Him, what does He do?
From behind the curtain, He directs the Dance
That happens on stage, to the tune He wills.


(Translation of a poem that Swami sings frequently during His discourses)

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