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Between you and us

Dear Reader,

Sairam and Greetings from Prashanti Nilayam.

It's summer in Prashanti Nilayam. Hot and dry, what with Swami not being here. There are only memories. Just as these words are being written, there is a big refreshing shower and lots of good memories flash in our minds. Memories of those beautiful darshans; memories of all the beautiful gifts that Swami was bestowing on us all through the year; all the miracles that we have seen and the selfless love we have enjoyed.

Often with awe and devotion we watch Swami when He materializes gifts - a big diamond ring for one, a beautiful emerald for the other or an out-of-the-world sweet dish for the third one. But the most amazing gift that Swami has bestowed on some chosen few is the 'Gift of Life' itself. And in this issue's cover story we bring you this most astounding facet of the extraordinary power that Sai is - the power to bring back people from death.

Of course, it's nothing new. It has happened with all incarnations-be it Rama, Krishna, Jesus or Buddha. But why does God enact such eye-opening dramas from time to time? Why does He do it for some and not for others? Why does he not do it always? What is He trying to convey through these mind-boggling instances? We have shared some of our thoughts in the cover story and also given space to some very convincing explanations given by Mr. Howard Murphet. But still there is surely much more to it. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us on this and related topics at [email protected].

All our lives are in fact, His gifts, meant not for ourselves but for others just as He is for all of us. We are to be born again and again till we realize that we are here to bring smiles on the faces of others, to be His instruments of service and derive bliss there from. When you read Mr. Charles Penn's inspiring article in 'Window to Sai Seva' Column, you will know a lot more about this.

Apart from this, you will find two spiritually elevating articles in the 'Feature Articles' section and some soul-stirring stories in the miscellaneous section. Do not miss the 'Prashanthi Diary', there are some lovely images of Swami's recent Kodai visit. As you see these, imagine yourself sitting in the darshan line and basking in the Love, Grace and Beauty of His beautiful form in the cool picturesque background of the Kodai hills. It is truly magical.

Before we leave you to explore this month's issue, just one happy news: The number of subscriptions for H2H and Radio Sai updates has reached a little over a thousand now and is still growing. It surely would not have been possible without your continued interest.

Let us live every moment in Sai,

In Sai Service,

SGH Team.

In Sai Service
SGH team

  Volume 3 - Issue 6,
JUNE 2005

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  Prashanti Diary

A chronicle of Heaven on Earth .

Darshan in the Emerald Hills
                       Swami at Kodai

Prashanti Diary
Cover Story
Sai Bhajans Classroom
Learn the pronunciation, tune
and music of the Bhajan song
"Allah Bhajo Maulah Bhajo"
Window to Sai Seva
Eternal Joy through Service
-by Charles Penn
From Bhagavan flows the wisdom of the Universe. Tuning into the 'Path of the Lord'
is a blissful experience.... ...

Living Divinity
-Talk given by Prof Anantharaman in Swami's Presence on 19th October 2004

During a very significant speech in 1981, Swami spoke about the 'eight flowers of worship'. Out of these He said that Ahimsa, non-violence, is the most important. Swami's concept of Ahimsa is far beyond the connotations of not causing physical harm. His concept of Ahimsa is not causing harm in word, thought and deed! ... ... read more >>

Human Spirit is Never Destroyed
Rising from the Ashes
There is something in our human spirit that can never be destroyed. How do we live from that place within us, at a time when the fires of destruction have challenged our peace of mind? The world's sages say that if we connect ourselves to the highest qualities of human excellence, we may live in harmony... ... read more >>

Sai Baba's Hospital
Next to Sai Baba's ashram in India is a small Hospital. Sai Baba had it built many years ago to take care of all the people in the ashram and the surrounding villages when they were sick. A few years ago He also built a large, very modern Hospital near the ashram where .... ... read more >>


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