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  Volume 3 - Issue 6
JUNE 2005


Swami at Kodai


Dear Reader,
This issue of Prasanthi Diary contains a vivid description of Swami' s recent trip to Kodaikanal in the month of May from the view of a devotee sitting in the darshan lines. Accompanying the article are some beautiful photographs. We are compiling a more descriptive story of the Kodai trip, including the experiences of people fortunate to be Swami' s guests, which will appear in the next issue….Don' t miss it!

Kodai conjures many an image in the devotee' s eye. For it is here where our Lord relaxes in His 'playground' , dotes on His children and pampers them with special attention. In the emerald hills, Sai has a special twinkle in His eyes and bewitched by His Love many come to be blessed by the Creator of


all the wonders around them, rejoicing in the splendour of the cool hills. For if Nature Herself can renew the tired human spirit, then surely the blessing of the Lord Himself will be so much more, the Creator of all that is.

It is with such thoughts that devotees make their upward journey and eagerly approach ' Sai Sruthi', the Lord' s residence. Firstly, one has to walk along the charming lake-side to arrive at the morning Darshan. The water is lit up by the rising sun and the encompassing trees seem to hold all in a silent benediction. The lilies in the lake open up as one walks by, as if to give a greeting. One cannot help but feel a special excitement.


As one nears Sai Sruthi one glimpses the line of ladies on the other bank and then the men' s line comes into view. It is certainly a happy throng who await their turn to go inside. When the lines are allowed inside, some are seated under the green roof and some under the open air.

When Bhajans begin all attention is focused on the Holy Vision. There He comes….onto the balcony. Our Lord turns first one way for sometime…to see and to be seen. Then He turns the other way until all have been assured of His benign gaze, His Love and Protection. Sometimes His hair blowing in

the wind necessitates sweet attention from His hand. The flowers below offer fitting accompaniment to the devotees' vision now bursting with love and yearning. He raises His hand to bless one…He raises both hands to all! Oh, we are so happy!!


Is that not enough? No! For then He walks down the ramp, slowly but surely…100 Divine paces. This occurs on the ladies side and from there (as the days pass), Sai blesses some deserving devotees. One lady calls out, "Swami, I am sick, please help me". Sai rewards her with a golden necklace and her previous downcast air is permanently banished by His shining Love.

On another day, a lady strains to hold up her baby to Him. Sai' s hand blesses the little one - golden light flashing to his golden hair. One lady asks for a blessing of her japamala. Swami refuses and instead creates a unique ring - a wide band encrusted with small diamonds set with 8 square larger rubies.

He came out of the Bhajan Hall for us

Having left the ramp Swami then enters the golf cart and comes past the devotees. He is delightfully close - so much so, that seemingly all can give Him their letter; all receive His glance and all feel His Love. Swami is so close that the daring ones can easily touch His Feet, despite remonstrations from the attendants. Swami is so close that all feel ' Sai is here only for me!'

There was one group interview for an Iranian family. They relate afterwards how Swami has accepted their boy into His school.

(This child is called Sathya and led the prayers last year at the festival of Prophet Mohammed' s birthday held in the Sai Kulwant Hall.) How they were able to hold Swami' s hand for ten minutes inside the Interview Room and how they had indescribable feelings while doing so.


Bhajans are held in the hall in the afternoon, but it is a difficult matter to get inside due to special seating allocation! But our Lord does not disappoint those waiting outside and comes to light up those hearts that are beating only for Him. Is not a second' s vision of Him enough!

Our Lord' s compassion creates two special mornings for those less fortunate brothers and sisters; Narayana Seva. Hundreds throng the ashram waiting for the blessing which only He can give. Only He can arrange such a perfect example of Love in Action; a demonstration for the whole world of how we should conduct ourselves. Swami comes to bless the Narayanans and oversee the distribution of saris, dhotis, blankets and food that will remain a cherished memory for all who took part.




The second of these Narayana Seva days took place on May 6 th the death anniversary of Easwaramma. Of course, our Lord gave His nectarine Discourse which dealt with the holy nature of Motherhood.

One feature of Kodai is the many trips our Lord makes in the car. We do not know where He is going - we only want a glance from Him. He seems ever ready to oblige and seemingly all are rendered blissful by His smiling face as the car passes by.

But all good things must come to an end. And so one leaves with so many impressions in mind. The hills, the lake, the rain, the cool temperature, waiting for Him. But the heart thrills with its own impressions of how He came and made life sweeter in so many ways. How just by Him passing by one could live happily for the whole day. How even one brief second' s Darshan was enough to meditate upon and derive bliss.

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