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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 6
JUNE 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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Prayer-room scene again. The lady is now busy with worship. In the process, she looks for the SALIGRAMAM. [Photo 01]


Young Sai is standing before a Mosque, surrounded by his friends. He is explaining the Hindu scriptures to them.


LADY: [Mutters to herself] The SALIGRAMAM ought to be here! Where is it? …. [calls out to her sister.] Bhavani!

BHAVANI: Coming sister.

LADY: What happened to the SALIGRAMAM that is supposed to be here? Did you take it?

BHAVANI: No sister. Let us search over there. [Photo 02]

They both search for the SALIGRAMAM but in vain.

LADY: [Mutters to herself.] What could have happened to it? It is so strange! SALIGRAMAM is most sacred. What could have happened to it?


The playfield again. Krishna has lost the wager, and Young Sai now has the sacred SALIGRAMAM that Krishna thinks is just a white marble. However, Krishna realises that it is important and that his mother would be looking for it. So he tries to persuade Young Sai to give it back, so that the "marble" could be restored to its place in the Puja room.

YOUNG SAI: Hey Krishna ! According to our bet, this white marble is mine!

KRISHNA: This is a magical marble. It has to be placed in the altar. Otherwise, my mother will scold me.

YOUNG SAI: I told you right in the beginning: If I win the marble, I will not give it back. It is now mine!

KRISHNA: [Threatens] Will you return it or not? [Photo 03]


Meanwhile, worship goes on inside the Mosque.

Young Sai and His friends are now gathered before a Hindu Temple where worship is going on inside. Meanwhile, a young boy is looking at a paper spinning wheel that Sai is holding in His hand.  

YOUNG SAI: I will not return it.

KRISHNA: Are you going to give it back or not?

YOUNG SAI: I tell you: I will not return it.

KRISHNA: Give it back [tries to snatch the SALIGRAAMAM].

YOUNG SAI: [Resists and shouts] I will not, I will not, I will not…. [Photo 04]

There is a scuffle and a big commotion. The noise attracts the villagers, and many people converge on the scene. One of them is Krishna's mother.

KRISHNA' S MOTHER: What' s going on?…Let me find out.

Krishna' s mother notices that Young Sai and Krishna are engaged in a scuffle.

YOUNG SAI: I will not give it back; I will not, I will not…

KRISHNA: Are you going to return it or not?

YOUNG SAI: [Defiantly] I will not return it, not return, not return, …..not return,….

KRISHNA' S MOTHER: What' s all this fighting? Have you come here to play or to quarrel?

By way of a reply, Young Sai begins chanting from the Quoran. This irritates the elder.  

KRISHNA: [To his mother] Mother, this fellow has taken my marble and is refusing to return it.[Photo 05]

KRISHNA' S MOTHER: [To Young Sai] Boy, give it back.

KRISHNA: Look mother, it is in his hand.

K' s MOTHER: Boy, let us see; show it.

Sai shows the 'marble'.

K' s MOTHER: Oh my God! That is SALIGRAAMAM and not a mere marble!…….(to son) Why did you bring it here? I was so scared when I found it missing. I was searching for it all over the worship room. (to Young Sai) Boy, it is not a marble but a very sacred object; it is a Siva Lingam. Be a good boy and give it back.


YOUNG SAI: No, I will not.

K' s MOTHER: I say give it back!

YOUNG SAI: I will not give it back.

K' s MOTHER: Give it back you fellow!

YOUNG SAI: I will not give it back.[Photo 07]

K' s MOTHER: [Slaps Young Sai left and right] Give, give you fellow, …… give it, give it, give it back…

Sai refuses to part with the SALIGRAAMAM, and swallows the Lingam!

K' s MOTHER: Oh my God!. …..[To Young Sai; continues slapping] Open your mouth, open,…open,…..


Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.


Sai opens His mouth. The lady looks inside. She does not see the SALIGRAMAM, but the whole Universe inside, just as Yasoda the foster mother of Lord Sri Krishna once saw when she asked Young Krishna to open His mouth. She swoons.[Photo 08 and 09 - use Flash Transition]

A LADY IN THE CROWD: Such a sacred Siva Lingam, and how this boy has polluted it! Can there be a stranger thing?

ANOTHER LADY: If our children associate with this fellow, they would all get spoilt!

FIRST LADY: Behaviour depends on upbringing! Let' s go from here.


A crowd of villagers march to Patel’s house. They are all angry and upset by what Young Sai is doing. One of them knocks on the door of Patel’s house.



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