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  Volume 3 - Issue 6
JUNE 2005



The discovery of Truth—that is the unique mission of Man. Man is a mixture of Maaya and Maadhava; the Maaya (illusion) throws a mist which hides the Maadhava (God); but through the action of the healthy impulses inherited from acts performed while in previous bodies or through the cleansing done by austerities in this body or through the Grace of the Lord Himself, Maaya melts way, for it is just a mist which flees before the sun. Then Nara (human) is transformed into Naaraayana (God) and this Bhuuloka (world) is elevated into a Prashaanthi Nilayam (place of tranquillity).The illumination of Viveka (discrimination) will remove the darkness which hides the Divine essence of Man.

Today, man hopes to dispel darkness by the sword, the gun and the bomb, while what is wanted is just a lamp. How can darkness be swept away by darkness, hatred by hatred, ignorance by deeper and vaster ignorance? The very lust for victory promotes darkness. Leave all thoughts of conquest aside; strive to know the Truth and when that is known, false notions fondly held by you will fall off of their own accord.

See clearly the lovely image that is hidden in the rock. Release it from that stony prison, remove all the extra stone that is encrusting the idol—that is the task for you. Do not worry about Maaya; concentrate on Maadhava; you are certain to succeed. A tree on the Godhaavari Canal Bund will not go dry. It will have a crown of green, for its roots are fed by the underground water. Similarly, be a tree with the roots in perpetual contact with the flowing waters of the Grace of the Lord and you need not worry about drought. — Baba

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