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  Volume 3 - Issue 6
JUNE 2005



Charles Penn

From Bhagavan flows the wisdom of the Universe. Tuning into the 'Path of the Lord' is a blissful experience that all can enjoy . With the sound of Om constantly with you, seek His lessons, reach Upwards and pluck the ripening fruits from the Branches….

Sai Baba has told us, again and again, that 'Service to others is service to self'. All have felt the blissful glow that surges through oneself when even the smallest act of good towards another is performed. While mediating on the 23 rd January,1966,and feeling deeply in tune with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I asked Him to tell again of this secret to inner happiness and just a few moments later, I was writing the words flowing through the universe from Him.

“See the tall tree, over there; one branch has young tender leaves on the extreme tips. Look also at the blossoms that are lovingly bestowing smiles upon all who pass along that path below. The flowers, shall we say in their 'worldly ignorance' are, without charge, performing a beautiful service. The blossoms have given special attention to their colourings, to their tender shape. Look! They even give off a gentle sweet perfume. A perfume naturally sweeter and more exotic than any to be found in a container is being given away to any bird, bee, insect or person. Even the ants from that far away hill have been invited to enjoy the sweet nectar of the blissful flowers that bloom in the sunlight.

One could say that the flowers are surely ignorant of Life. For whoever heard of a living thing going to so much trouble just to smile all the day upon anyone that looks; or freely offering honey from the tender lips, or taking the trouble to close up shop each night folding the soft petals, just to protect the good free things for yet another day of giving only to find in a short time that the young petals lose their energy to hold on. And then to see them, one by one float to the side walk to be trampled on by the same folk that took all those smiles with a mere glance, and enjoyed the wafting sweetness in a few seconds. Or to see the honey supply, so lovingly prepared diminish as the bees and ants and humming birds gathered it up, until all was gone.

Charles with his Master

Yes there, Charles, you have a natural example of giving to the very end. Right up until life itself, for those blossoms has been taken away. And what is the use, what is the gain?

The tree, with its green leaves and sweet blossoms was brought into the world by the Divine for but one purpose: to serve. It was given a life span, as we can call it. The tree itself has what a mortal would call a long life, for seldom do you see a tree die of old age; a tree does not know what is meant by 'old age'. It may perish due to neglect, air pollution, soil pollution, and even through having too much food. Yes, take the tree with shallow roots. Come the gentle rains, it thrives. But give it too much rain and the earth holding the shallow roots softens. The roots with too much water cannot maintain attachment to the sand, or gravel, or the dirt of the field or side walk.

And so, Charles, all must learn a deep lesson from this. Those who give and continue to give find eternal joy, peace and love. They have the fruits of the good earth bestowed upon them, or perhaps we should now say to seekers, the fruits of Good Heaven. One can always find more to give. For, goodness multiplies, it has no end, no container large enough could be found once goodness starts to flow. Be of SERVICE to others, for that is giving yourself to Me. For each unit you give, I will repay you thrice. Nay I shall repay you tenfold. Try me and you will see. I say to those who know the joy of giving, 'Look back!' Yes, look back and see how each time you felt that nothing but a miracle could save you, keep you alive, fill your larder, save your son, stop a disaster has not that miracle happened! Divine Guidance is always at the side of the Giver. Yes; I will give to those always at the side of the Giver. Yes; I will give to those who give of themselves, untold joy and bliss, and what is more I will lead them by the Hand along those petal strewn paths to Eternal joy.

Now, on the other side of the coin, observe yourself whenever you start to take. There is a little joy, by comparison. You may take through sheer necessity but never will one gain by taking. I do not have to labour this point. The thief who takes has the whole of the police force out, endeavouring to put him in prison. There is also that other force that will get Him much faster than any mortal force! He will find that everything automatically turns against Him, His loved ones, and His own mind. Only the Divine knows how to forgive a thief.

Then there is the Hunter who takes the lives of life loving, roving animals. That hunter must watch His every step, for the forces of the Jungle or the plain are all turned against Him. Even creatures he is not hunting are aware that here is someone they must keep away from .Yes; all the forces are pitted against the hunters of life.

Every deed performed, do it in My Name. Every person who passes near your Path, give them the sweetness of your smile. Give freely the nectar of your cup of happiness, of kindness, of blissfulness. Give the warmth of your love. Extend your hand, as I extend mine to you.

When you see the petals of Life falling away understand that this so, that you did use those hands for Good, all your life. When you appear to see your petals fall on to Path below do not feel sadness but joy. The Joy that you gave was given to you to be used in good grace, in good service. The artist, the performer, the singer, who gave hours of joy to great and small audiences must know that the moments were given to lighten the hearts of others. Talents are not man-made! Most of all I must stress again and again that the service must be considered as full reward for earthly activities. Do not look for more-should you receive encores, bless each one and enjoy those additional moments upon the stage of life. All are artists and all are star performers, in My eyes! After you have received the blissful glow from services given, then I shall give you Happiness for all Eternity. What more can you ask! Only the Giver and only the Server can walk the Path in Bliss.

Take these words, Charles and GIVE them away. Each is precious. No pearl from the sea, no gold from the hills, no gem from the mine can give the joy earned from giving and serving others!"

Written at the Lotus feet of the Divine Lord from words floated through the Universe by His Light. All can tune into the flow of Wisdom, for His words are for all peoples of the world. Listen to His sweet voice; the source of the stream has no limitations.

Charles Penn
(Article from Sanathana Sarathi, July 1966)

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