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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 7
JULY 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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The House of Patel. A few ladies are gathered around Mrs. Patel who is very despondent about the complaints people are bringing to her about her son.

A LADY: [To Mrs Patel] How long are you going to remain depressed like this? Whatever happens is God’s will, is it not?

MRS. PATEL: Leelavathi, I am unable to bear the pang of separation caused by my husband’s death. Day by day, this boy is becoming more and more difficult to manage. He is constantly getting into trouble. I am just not able to bring him up properly.

LADY: We understand your problem.

MRS. PATEL: This boy is being cursed by one and all, and I can’t bear to see it. His look is Divine, and His speech as well as actions are noble. But He lacks a Guru who will show Him the correct path. I have therefore come to a decision.


Young Sai is standing before a Mosque, surrounded by his friends. He is explaining the Hindu scriptures to them.


LADY: What is that?

MRS.PATEL: If I admit Him in Venkusa’s Ashram, then, under guidance of the venerable Guru there, this boy would be able to make something of His life. Whatever we may try to do, things always happen only according to His will! …… God Himself gifted me this boy; the same God will also show Him the way in the future. A mother’s love is no doubt boundless, but there cannot be a greater satisfaction than sacrifice! Thus, the desire for a better future for Him, commands me to ignore the pain of separation.

LADY: There is some truth in what you say. Your wish is really God’s wish. Just follow it.

MRS.PATEL: Tomorrow , I shall take the boy to Venkusa’s Ashram.


Mrs. Patel arrives with Young Sai at the Venkusa Ashram. As they arrive at the beautiful and serene setting they find that Guru Venkusa is engaged in teaching the Vedas to the young disciples. Both the mother and son are enthralled by what they see and hear.

GURU: My dear disciples! You are all aware that this Ashram is a spiritual school meant for teaching to the students the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the various scriptural stories. By purifying your mind and teaching you your duties as well as responsibilities, you are trained to direct your life towards God. ……. From time to time, I shall teach you various scriptural lessons. Today, I shall instruct you in Surya Namaskaram or the Worship of the Sun. All of you should repeat after me the Mantras [hymns] with one-pointed concentration.


Meanwhile, worship goes on inside the Mosque.

Young Sai and His friends are now gathered before a Hindu Temple where worship is going on inside. Meanwhile, a young boy is looking at a paper spinning wheel that Sai is holding in His hand.  

YOUNG SAI: [to Mrs Patel] Mother, is this the Venkusa Ashram that you told me about?

MRS. PATEL: Yes, my dear. Do you see how nice it is?!

YOUNG SAI: That one over there …….. is he the revered Venkusa?

MRS.PATEL: Yes, that’s him.

GURU: Om Mitrayah Namaha.

STUDENTS: Om Mitrayah Namaha.


GURU: Harihi Om!

STUDENTS: Harihi Om!

GURU: Very good. All of you go now and study this hymn called Aditya Hridayam. Later, I shall explain its meaning and significance. You may all go now.

STUDENTS: Yes Sir, we shall.

GURU: Disperse, all of you.

By way of a reply, Young Sai begins chanting from the Quoran. This irritates the elder.  

The Guru then looks towards Young Sai and Mrs. Patel. He is stunned by the splendorous halo around Young Sai’s face.


The Guru now walks to where Mrs. Patel and Young Sai are standing, and begins talking to them.

GURU: Come my boy, come. ……………….. Come boy, come. I have been eagerly waiting for you for ten long years! ………Come my dear boy, come. ……….Come lady, come son……..Lady, you alone have been privileged to serve this boy for many, many years. That is due to the merit earned by you in your previous births. Your life has attained fulfilment. This boy is God in human form. By his coming here, this Ashram has become sanctified.


Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.


MRS. PATEL: Yes Sir. I realise that this is no ordinary boy. That is why I have brought him to this sacred Ashram for residence as well as study. Just as Lord Rama became the disciple of Sage Vishwamitra, this boy will be your disciple, and it will do him good. That is why, setting aside my own personal attachment and possessiveness, I have brought this boy here. The splendorous Sun meant to shine on the whole world, cannot be locked up in a small house. Sir, I humbly request to kindly accept this child as your student and disciple.

Mrs. Patel leaves Young Sai under the care of Guru Venkusa and returns. A new chapter now begins in the story of the Shirdi Avatar.



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