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  Volume 3 - Issue 8
AUG 2005




This is a beautiful little story narrated by Swami on the 19 th of October, 1999 in Prashanthi Nilayam

“Once, Lord Vishnu asked Narada which among the five elements was the greatest. Narada replied earth is the greatest.

Vishnu remarked, “Three-fourths of the earth is enveloped with water. In such a case, which among the two is greater?”

Narada agreed that water was great.

Vishnu said, “But the sage Agastya drank up the ocean in a single gulp. So, is Agastya greater or water?” Narada replied, “You are right my Lord, Agastya is greater than water.”

Vishnu asked again, “But this Agastya is a tiny star in the sky (akasa). Now is this star greater or the sky?”

Narada replied,“It is the sky that is greater.”



The Lord agreed and said, “Your understanding is correct. The sky indeed is greater. In His incarnation as Vamana, the Lord asked for three steps from king Bali. And in the course of taking the gift of three steps, Vamana assumed the form of Thrivikrama and covered the entire earth in one step, and the space from the earth to the sky in second, and there was no room for the third step. King Bali had to offer his head for the third step. So, now, is God great or the sky?”




Narada replied, “Swami, when the mere foot of the Lord covers the entire sky, how much greater His full form would be? God indeed is greater.”

“God, who envelops the entire cosmos, dwells in the heart of His bhakta (devotee). So now, is the heart of the devotee greater or God?” asked Vishnu.

Narada replied, “Indeed, the devotee is greater than God.”

Swami at the end, summed up saying, “God is Bhakta Paradheena, that is, He is the servant of devotees. There is none superior to a devotee in this world. God’s heart can be melted only through love. So, develop total love.”



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