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  Volume 3 - Issue 8
AUG 2005


The Blessings of Divinity...in August

A Quiz on Swami's Life and Mission

Last month you may have attempted our Quiz which tested your knowledge of the milestones in Swami’s life in the month of July. Every month is special, for most of its days have been hallowed by Bhagavan's divine Sankalpa as anniversaries when He started projects and undertook actions that stand as testament to a life Divine. As before, we have selected the current month, now August, and found how with each action Swami has given us glimpses into His Divine plan and examples for us to follow.

The Quiz format is designed to test and also tell you about the milestones in the life of our Lord. Don't worry so much if you cannot get them all right as you can teach yourself the answers and learn more about Swami simply by doing this quiz.

H2H has picked out some significant happenings in August, during which Swami has made His mark in His(own)story. Can you remember the years to match these august events?

1. In which year was a bronze statue of Bhagavan placed in the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum ? Please see the story in the current issue's Miscellaneous section.

2.On Krishnajanmashtami of which year did our Lord inaugurate the ashram Gokulam (dairy farm), lovingly playing His role as Gopala, and showering His love and protection for the fortunate cows under His care?

3.The General Hospital, Whitefield has seen many years of dedicated service. In Swami's inaugural Discourse, He stated " This hospital is being started amidst the villages so that expert advice and treatment can be rendered to them in a loving atmosphere of reverence and devotion. No charge will be levied here for any service. " When was this?

4.H2H's present Cover Story is on the School of Business Management . During His inaugural Discourse Bhagavan said, " In the Sai Institute, we are attaching special importance to cultural and ethical values. Among these, primary place is being given to "Indian Ethos and Values." Can you remember the year that the school founded?

5. The book "Swami in Kashmir" gives an enthralling pictorial account of Swami’s divine journey there in 1980. In which year in August, did Swami first visit Srinagar?

6. Can you remember the year our very own Prashanti Digital Studio was inaugurated, from where Heart 2 Heart is produced? H2H carried a Cover Story on this in Vol 1 Issue 2.

7. When Swami spoke some calming words to the Chitravarthi River , its flood waters receded thereby saving Prashanti Nilayam and Puttaparthi. This account can be found in Sathyam Sivam Sundaram IV 'Love on the March'. Which year was this?

8. It seems only right that the Lord's abode should not come under temporal authority. Thus it was in which year that Prashanti Nilayam was declared a township, separate from Puttaparthi?

9. In which year did Swami establish the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust, thereby saving the prestigious Sai Schools at Mudenahalli and Alike, (Karnataka) and ensuring the welfare of their many students?

10. The new Books and Publications Trust Building was inaugurated by Swami giving a full Divine tour to all floors. When was this?

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