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  Volume 3 - Issue 8
AUG 2005



This is the story of one of our Readers, Mr. Rajeev Mittal, a qualified Chartered Accountant working as Financial Director in a MNC in Malaysia , in his own words:

“I was born on 3 rd January 1965 at Agra in a middle class family. My father, a Civil Engineer, was at that time an Overseer in UP Government and my mother, a housewife. Since I was born after two elder sisters, there was great joy and happiness in my family upon my birth. Since a boy carries the name of the family forward, my grand parents were also very happy.

However, after about six months, I started getting sick quite often, mainly with high fever. Around 1.5 years, I was diagnosed for “poliomeleities” (sort of polio) in my right leg. Despite their meager resources and borrowing from friends and relatives, my parents took me around from one Doctor to another visiting hospitals in Delhi and Northern India . A very reputed Doctor in Punjab finally carried out a series of operations on my right leg at the age of around 2.5 years. He experimented some new surgical theories on me without taking prior consent from my parents and unfortunately, the operations were unsuccessful and my situation was becoming worse day by day. The operations were irreversible and the Doctors more or less gave up any hope for improvement. There was continuous "puss” in my right leg. I could have spent my whole life on a wheel chair, a burden to my parents.

Now when I look back, I feel very sad because my birth had robbed my parents who were still young then of their joy and happiness. They also accumulated debt for my medical treatment.

First visit to Prashanti Nilayam
My parents brought me home from the hospital and left my recovery on God and indeed God came to my rescue. One day, sometime in 1967-68, my father read an article about Swami in the “Illustrated Weekly of India”. At that very moment his intuition guided him that if anybody could save and cure me, it was Baba. He discussed his feelings with my mother and both decided to bring me to Swami for his blessings. My father had never heard or knew about Swami before. Leaving my two elder sisters with neighbors in Agra , my parents took me for their journey (pilgrimage) to Puttaparthi in 1967-68. It took them more than 3 days to reach Puttaparthi with the then prevailing rail and road infrastructure.

During our stay, Swami graced us with His interview. Before my parents could even start narrating my health problems, Swami said in Hindi – “Baba Sab Janta Hai” (Baba knows everything). Swami materialized vibhuti and asked my parents to apply on my leg and assured them I would be all right. My parents took a notebook with them where Swami wrote “With Blessings – Baba”. That notebook is still with me as the priceless treasure and has unique fragrance even after almost 4 decades. Thereafter, Swami asked my parents to return back home.

We all returned to Agra and the situation on my leg started improving day by day. Since our visit to Swami when I was three years old and until today when I am 40 years, with the grace of Swami, I have had no problems with my leg. I am absolutely independent, walk without support, drive car, motor cycle etc. In my youth, I have also been to holy places at high altitudes such as Mata Vaishno Devi, Badrinath temple, Shankaracharya temple at Srinagar etc.”

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