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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 8
AUG 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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The conversation between Venkusa and Mrs. Patel continues, with the Guru promising to take full care of his new student.

GURU: I shall certainly look after this boy. Adi Shankara’s [Adi Shankara was a great Sage who lived two thousand years ago; Swami often quotes his famous hymn, the Bhaja Govindam] mother knew that he would leave her and felt depressed. However, realising that her son had been born solely to serve humanity, she reconciled herself to the separation. She was Shankara’s physical mother, but this boy was not born to you. Yet, the love that you have shown him is extra-ordinary. You need not have any anxiety. You can go back peacefully, and without any worry whatsoever. From today, this boy will be a resident of the Ashram.

MRS.PATEL: I am happy Swami, I am happy. …..[to Young Sai] Come my boy……You must pay careful attention to what the Guru says, and be good. I shall leave now. …[to the Guru] Swami, I take your leave….. please bless me.

GURU: I shall, my dear lady


Young Sai is standing before a Mosque, surrounded by his friends. He is explaining the Hindu scriptures to them.


Mrs Patel prostrates before Venkusa and takes her leave, leaving Young Sai under the care of the Guru.

GURU: [to Young Sai] Son, come here. …… [to other disciples who now gather around him] Students, this boy also has come to this Ashram to serve. From now on, he is one of you. His name is Baba. Tell him all about the Ashram and its routine. Help him in every way. Take good care of him!

STUDENTS: We shall, Master!

BOY: [to Young Sai] Baba, come here.

ANOTHER BOY: Baba, this way.

BOY: [to another boy] Take this box and come with us.

The group of disciples lead Young Sai to the residential area of the Ashram.


Meanwhile, worship goes on inside the Mosque.


Young Sai and His friends are now gathered before a Hindu Temple where worship is going on inside. Meanwhile, a young boy is looking at a paper spinning wheel that Sai is holding in His hand.  

The disciples of Venkusa are all assembled for their daily instruction and spiritual training. Young Sai is also present.

GURU: Yesterday, you repeated the Surya Namskar Mantra after me. Today, you shall recite that Mantra all by yourselves.

Students chant but make many mistakes.

GURU: Stop! The very beginning is wrong. This is not what I taught you. You have to begin with the words: Mitraya Namaha! You can’t chant Mantras just the way you want. Chant again, and in the proper sequence.

Once again the group fumbles, and the Guru is not at all happy.


GURU: It means that none of you have learnt the Surya Namaskar Mantra taught to you yesterday. Recitation does not mean merely moving the lips. Mantras that are chanted must be imprinted firmly in the mind.

YOUNG SAI: Master, if you permit, I shall chant the Surya Namaskar Mantra in the proper order.

GURU: Baba, you joined this Ashram only yesterday, did you not?

YOUNG SAI: Yes Master.

GURU: Well, let us see how you do. Go ahead and chant!

By way of a reply, Young Sai begins chanting from the Quoran. This irritates the elder.  

Young Sai chants the Mantra beautifully without a single mistake. Venkusa is pleased.

GURU: Baba, you have recited very nicely. When did you learn this and who taught you?

YOUNG SAI: Master, yesterday when you taught this to your students, I was listening. You were the one who taught me!

GURU (to students): Did you hear? He heard the Mantras that I taught you and imprinted them in his mind. Only the one with one-pointed concentration and the determination to acquire knowledge can achieve that goal. There can be no wisdom and knowledge if the body is one place and mind is in another. Such behaviour is most unbecoming of a student. This young one is much better than all of you. Come Baba. It is my good fortune to have you as my disciple! …All of you! Go and memorise the Surya Namaskar Mantra. After that, attend to the Ashram duties. Go now. ………… Baba, come with me.

Venkusa and Young Sai go to the Guru’s hut.



Years roll by. Sai Baba is now a young man. On account of His deep devotion, Baba becomes the favourite of Venkusa. The other disciples are jealous. One day, Baba is serving Venkusa in the Guru’s hut.

GURU: Baba!

SAI: Coming, Master!

Young Sai comes, bringing some fruits and milk for offering to the Guru.

SAI: Master, please have some fruits and milk.


Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.


GURU: You have completed the daily worship, and have also duly chanted the Gayathri Mantra. After all this, you are now serving your Master. Baba, this is more than enough. You may go now; there must be so many Ashram duties you have to attend to.

SAI: Master, that does not matter. Please take rest. I feel so happy serving you! I regard service to you as a part of Ashram duties.

Meanwhile, jealous disciples are watching through a window, what is going on inside the hut.


A DISCIPLE: [to one of his mates] Do you see his luck?

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: If this sort of thing continues, we all have to quit and retire to the forest!

Inside the hut, the conversation between the Guru and his favourite disciple continues.

GURU: Baba, you are talking of service. Is there any reason for doing service?

SAI: The tree gives us wood, the lake gives us water, the flower gives us fragrance, and fruit offers itself as food; in so giving, none of these entities have any expectations whatsoever. Similarly, service does not require a reason. Service rendered without a reason need not be called service. One derives an inexplicable joy from such work, and also deep satisfaction. Master, are you not my mother, father, and God, all rolled into one?


Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.


Outside the hut -

A JEALOUS DISCIPLE: The disciple is teaching the Master, and the latter is listening to the instruction!

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: If the lizard is allowed to grow, it will develop into a huge iguana! We have to nip the problem in the bud.

Inside the hut -

GURU: [to Sai] My dear Disciple! How nicely you express yourself! You have said things pregnant with deep meaning. Your words are most thought-provoking. I like you most, not only among the disciples here, but amongst all those who have studied here. Thanks to the merits earned by you in your previous births, you are able to recite the scriptures fluently. Amongst all the strengths, that derived from the blessings of the Master is the best.

SAI: Most Revered Master! If you bless, I can verily see God in you!!

GURU: My blessings are always with you. You may now go and attend to your other duties.

SAI: I shall do so, Master.


Patel’s house. The father has heard reports about Young Sai talking philosophy near places of worship and causing annoyance to village elders.



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