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  Volume 3 - Issue 8
AUG 2005


The Remedy For Sorrow and Pain

God is Mahaashakthi (Supreme Energy) and Jeeva (individual being) is Maayaashakthi (Deluding Power); He is the genuine, the individual being is but the shadow, the appearance, the delusion. Even I have to put on Maayaashakthi (deluding power) to come into your midst, like the policeman who is compelled to wear the dress of the thief so that he can get entry into the gang of thieves to apprehend them and bring them to book! The Lord cannot come down with His Mahaashakthi (Supreme Energy) unimpaired; He has to come with diminished splendour and limited effulgence, so that He can become the object of Bhakthi (Devotion) and Dedicated Service.

In this world which is impermanent and ever transforming, the Immanent Power of the Lord is the only permanent and fixed entity. In order to realise the eternal and the true, one has perforce to attach oneself to that Source and Sustenance. There is no escape from this path. It is the destiny of one and all, irrespective of age or scholarship, clime or caste, sex or status.

While proceeding along the road, you can watch your shadow falling on mud or dirt, hollow or mound, thorn or sand, wet or dry patches of land. You are unaffected by the fate of your shadow, is it not? Nor is the shadow made dirty thereby. It does not worry in the least where it falls or what it wades through. We know that the shadow and its experiences are not eternal or true. Similarly, you must get convinced that ‘you’ are but the shadow of the Absolute and you are essentially not this ‘you’ but the absolute itself. That is the remedy for sorrow, travail and pain.

Of course, it is only at the end of a long and systematic process of spiritual practice that you will get fixed in the truth; until then, you are apt to identify yourself with this body and forget that the body which casts a shadow is itself a shadow. The first step in spiritual practice is the adherence to Dharma (righteousness) in every individual and social act. The righteousness which is followed in relation to Prakruthi (objective world) will automatically lead on to righteousness in the spiritual field also; only you must stick to it through thick and thin. — Baba

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