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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
  Volume 3 - Issue 9
SEP 2005



(continued from the previous issue)

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Venkusa’s disciples who are jealous of Baba, are holding a conspiratorial meeting to air their frustration.

A DISCIPLE: We have been serving our Master with great devotion for so many years. Yet, our Master never talks nicely to us. But he talks with such love to this fellow and discusses so many important things with him.

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: Yes, Bhagya, what you say is true. The same thing bothers me also.

DISCIPLE: We have studied so much more than him.

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: Yes. That is why it is difficult to bear the undue praise the Master showers on him.




Venkusa walks down to where the disciples are. He finds that they are not doing the work assigned to them.

GURU: [to the group] I asked you to clean the cow-shed but all of you are here!

DISCIPLE: Tell him!

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: Master, Baba said he would do it; that is why…..

GURU: Not only the cow-shed, but the entire Ashram been cleaned by Baba, and all by himself! Only the one with such capacity can fully understand duties and the responsibilities of Ashram life. Resolute dedication alone brings fulfilment to a student. A disciple who does not put into practice what he learns is of no use. You may spend years and years in the Ashram but you will never attain the goal!

The disciples become even more unhappy, consequent to the displeasure expressed by the Guru.

Ashram garden. Baba is attending to the plants, when the jealous disciples gather around Him in order to mock and tease.


DISCIPLE: [to Baba] Hey you! Are you feeling cocky that you are the favourite disciple of the Master?

SAI: It is my duty to follow the Master’s command.

DISCIPLE: Oh! You are proud of your implicit obedience to the Master, are you?

SAI: My Master is my God! It is the duty of a disciple to follow the Master’s command.

DISCIPLE: For us too, our Master is equivalent to God. However, Master seems to think that you are much better than us. He appears to look down upon us.

SAI: It is wrong to think so. All are the same to our Master.

DISCIPLE: [to the group] Did you hear? He has begun to preach to us!

ANOTHER DISCIPLE: Did you not clean the cow-shed just when the Master was watching, so that you might earn his Grace?

SAI: Just as one cleans the body, one must also clean the place of residence. One does not have to be told to do it.

DISCIPLE: It is not your business to preach to us. You have become arrogant because of master’s indulgence.



The angry disciples now pounce on Baba and hit Him. After this, one of them heaves a brick that injures the forehead and causes bleeding.
At this stage, the Guru comes there and he is shocked. A bandage is tied over the injury on Baba’s forehead.
  Later, this became Baba’s standard head-dress.


GURU: [to the disciples in general] Take Baba inside the Ashram.

DISCIPLES: Yes Sir. [the disciples lift Baba in order to carry Him]

DISCIPLE: [to others carrying Baba] Slowly.

[to disciples in general] Ashram life is supposed to teach you wisdom, but all of you are wallowing in ignorance. Anger, which is one of the six principal enemies of man, produces jealousy. Physical injury affects only the body and not the mind. Wisdom has not dawned in any of you. You have not hurt this young man but the God in him! Anger cannot touch the one who is immersed in God. I am disgusted!




To Be Continued.....

Vol 3 Issue 9 - September 2005
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