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  Volume 3 - Issue 10

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(continued from the previous issue)

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Years pass. Baba completed nine years of stay in Venkusa’s Ashram. One day, Venkusa summoned Baba. The Guru knew that the time had come for him to give up his body. He instructed Baba to proceed to the river Godavari, adding that Baba’s future would be shaped there. Baba did as He was told.

One day, Baba was seated in a garden in the village of Dukheda in Aurangabad District. At that time, one Chand Patel of Yelaganga District came there in search of his horse that was missing. Patel saw Baba and asked Him about his horse. Baba told Patel where the horse could be found. Patel found the horse, exactly where Baba had predicted it would be, and from that moment became an ardent devotee of Baba.

In order to have the constant proximity of Baba, Patel invited Baba to his house. Baba went with Patel but did not stay with him. Instead, Baba kept moving around but from to time visited Patel.

Once, Patel went to Shirdi in connection with the marriage of his nephew. Along with his relatives, Patel also took Baba with him. Baba who went to Shirdi in this manner, later stayed there permanently.


One day, Baba was sitting under a neem tree and is about to eat.

Destitute people lined up before Him and beg for food.


Baba got up and distributed the food He had.

From then on, distribution of food became a daily routine for Baba.


Years pass. Baba becomes old.

The people of Shirdi revere Him and take Him out in procession. .

Such processions happen regularly in Shirdi.


One day, at the end of the procession, Baba is with His devotees gathered around Him.

He then speaks to them.

BABA: For My devotees, there will never be any shortage of food and clothing. You don’t have to strive too hard for those.


A LADY IN THE GROUP: You are my God. Bless me, and please sanctify our lives, Baba!



BABA: Acquire Knowledge of the Self and worship the God in you. Then alone would your life be fulfilled…….The body is a temple of God , and a pure mind is the sanctum sanctorum. God is the In-Dweller. As is the mind, so is the destiny…..Yes! Therefore, always chant the Name of God. Your life would then be pure and sacred.

God’s grace can easily be earned via Bhajans sung with love, by reading the scriptures with understanding, and by worshipping Him with true devotion. Knowledge without experience is useless. I prefer your Love to worship. Do you know why? Because devotion is contained within Love! Love is Truth. Devotion without Love drives man away from God.



Baba is in His dwelling place.

He is rather unwell, and has severe bouts of coughing.

He is surrounded by loyal devotees, men and woman.


One of them, a lady name Lakshmi Bai who served Baba with great devotion for many years, is unable to bear the sight of Baba’s suffering.

She calls out to Him.


Baba who is sitting listening to the devotees, now lies down.

To Be Continued.....

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Vol 3 Issue 10 - October 2005
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