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  Volume 3 - Issue 11


Continued from the previous issue….

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14. ‘No one asks a person, “Why are you happy?”. On the other hand, if a person is very sad, every one would try to find out why. The reason for this is simply that happiness is in fact the natural state of a human being. To be technically correct, I should say that Bliss is the natural state of a human being.’

15. ‘As a result of this, everyone everywhere is contunually trying to secure happiness in one manner or the other. But the trouble is that almost always, almost everyone is using the wrong method!’

16. Arjuna asks, “Krishna, what do you mean by the wrong method?’

17. Krishna replies, ‘Patience! I am coming precisely to that. You see Arjuna, people are trying to find happiness in this world, and that is what is wrong.’

18. A puzzled Arjuna asks, ‘Wrong? Why is it wrong? Where else except in the world would one seek happiness?’

19. Krishna smiles and replies, ‘You are puzzled because you think that the world is all that exists, and that the world is the only place where happiness can be found; that is not correct. This world that you see around you is the external world, but there is a much larger and a better world within you; that is the INNER world. Real happiness exists in the Inner world and NOT in the outer world as people imagine.’

20. ‘Arjuna, the external world is a part of Creation and therefore not permanent. As a result, the happiness that the external world can offer is also short-lived; it is transient, it is ephemeral. You may be happy for a while but after that pain would visit you for sure.’

21. ‘This external world is what the Wise refer to as a dual world; it is full of “pairs of opposite” such as pleasure and pain, profit and loss, joy and misery, success and failure, and so on. These two members of a pair are like the two sides of a coin. They can never be separated. Can you ever have a coin with just one side?’

22. Arjuna asks, ‘So? What exactly are You trying to convey?’

23. Krishna replies, ‘Simple! You cannot have joy alone. If there is joy today, be sure you will experience sorrow tomorrow. As I often say, pleasure is an interval between two pains! Pleasure and pain form a package deal; if you pray for pleasure, it would be granted, but then, you must be ready for the pain that would come along with it as a part of the inseparable package! Now do you understand what I am trying to tell you?’

24. Arjuna says slowly, ‘Am I right in saying that the happiness that a transient world can offer is also short-lived?’

. Krishna joyously replies, ‘Great! You got it!! The point Arjuna is that man is right in seeking happiness. In fact he must, since Bliss is his true nature. But he must go about it in the proper way. Bliss means eternal happiness, and eternal happiness can be found only in the Inner world and NOT in the outer world. The outer world is temporary and therefore, the happiness it can offer would also be temporary. How can the temporary offer something that is permanent? Man is not able to understand this simple fact!’

‘Arjuna, true happiness is union with God. Now where do you find Me? What is My permanent address? Your Heart is My permanent residence. Look for Me in your Heart, and there you will find Me for sure. Become one with Me there and you can enjoy Bliss forever! Got it?’

27. ‘In the external world, happiness comes bundled with sorrow because it is a dual world. A dual world MUST have the pairs of opposites. But My world is not a dual world. It is a single world; there are no opposites. Bliss is thus all by itself and has no opposites.’

28. ‘Let Me explain the point. Suppose you eat a delicious mango. That would certainly give you great joy. Fine. Now suppose five years after that event you recall your eating this mango. You would probably tell yourself, “Well, that was a very nice mango,” that is all. You will not experience the sweet taste once again and feel equally joyous as you first did. With Bliss, it is very different.’

To be continued….

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Vol 3 Issue 11 - November 2005
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