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  Volume 3 - Issue 11

This is the month of Bhagawan’s 80th Birthday. Let’s recollect what Swami said almost half a century ago on the auspicious occasion of His 35th Birthday on the 23rd of Nov, 1960 in Prashanthi Nilayam.

Do Not Allow Your Mind to Waver Due to Doubts

The (Lord’s) Name is like the seed, implanted in your heart; when the shower of His Grace falls upon it, it sprouts into a lovely tree. All trees that sprout from the Names of the Lord are equally lovely and shady. If you have Krishna-naama (Lord Krishna’s name), the vision that you win and the form that you evoke is that of Lord Krishna; if you have Rama-naama (Lord Rama’s name), it is Lord Rama’s form that sprouts.

Leelaashukha (a devotee of Lord Krishna) had the Name of Krishna embedded in the well ploughed field of his heart and so, the Lord appeared before him with a peacock feather, a flute and a charming mischievous smile! He fulfils your innermost aspiration in a flash, if it is compelling enough. 0nly you should not allow your mind to waver due to doubt or disappointment. Leave all to Him and be at ease; it is the man with no faith that is tossed about on the sea, like a ship caught in a storm with neither rudder nor anchor. The Bhaktha (devotee) bears the ups and downs of life, keeping the balance of his mind even.

You sometimes talk as if the devotee leads a life beset with hardships and sorrows and that the man who does not bend before a Higher Power is carefree and prosperous; but this is a totally wrong idea. The devotee sails on an even keel; he has inner peace, a spring of joy which sustains him and keeps him together.

Bairaagi Shaasthri (the previous speaker) said that this is an auspicous day for you because this is My Birthday; but let Me tell you, I have many Birthdays like this. The Auspicious Day for you is the day on which your mind is cleansed and not the day on which I took this human form. I am ever new and ever ancient, ever noothana (modern) and ever sanaathana (ancient). I come always for the sake of reviving Dharma, for tending the virtuous and ensuring them conditions congenial for progress. Some doubters might ask, "Can Paramaathma (The Supreme Lord) assume human form?" Well, man can derive aanandha (bliss) only through the human form; we can receive instruction, inspiration, illumination only through human language and human communication.

God Bows To Your Will and Carries Your Burden

I will never force you to take up a particular Name or Form of the Lord as your ishtam (chosen deity). The Lord has a million Names and a million Forms, and He wants that faith and attachment should be evoked in you by any one of them, as you recite the Names or contemplate the Forms. That is why they have a string of 1008 Names for use to worship; the devotee might be drawn closer to the Lord while any one Name is being repeated, however distracted or inattentive he might be during the rest of the list.

Like the coldness of the atmosphere which freezes the water, the compelling agony of the devotee's heart solidifies the Niraakaar (Formless Absolute) into the shape and the attitude that are yearned for. "Yadh bhaavare, thath bhavathi" ---"as felt, so fashioned." He bows to your will, He carries your burden, provided you trust Him with it.

Therefore, so act and feel and speak that you get "iha soukhyam, para soukhyam and kaivalya soukhyam" ("joy here, joy hereafter, joy everlasting" all three). I bless you all that you get more success in the struggle.

- Prashanthi Nilayam, Birthday Festival, 23-11-1960 .


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Vol 3 Issue 11 - November 2005
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