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  Volume 4 - Issue 04
APRIL 2006


Continued from the previous issue….

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Chapter - 7

20. ‘And now, a word of caution! Sometimes you would find excellence no doubt but along with it also some unwanted contamination! The excellence is Mine but the contamination does not come from Me! Take, for example, the case of Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahalada. Hiranyakashipu was a brilliant scientist and that brilliance essentially came from Me. But he misused that gift of excellence and thereby became a demon.’

21. ‘In this world, excellence often appears with contamination. When you encounter such contaminated brilliance, do not ever associate the adulteration with Me! Let us say you go to the stream that I mentioned a minute ago. You have with you two bottles and you fill both with water. One bottle is red while the other is clear. The water in the red bottle would appear red while the water in the other bottle would appear clear. The same water is present in both bottles but they appear different. Why? On account of the colour of the bottle.

22. ‘In the same manner, while Divine Power everywhere is pure, humans contaminate it with their innate tendencies or Gunas. More about Gunas later but I hope that you will remember to identify clearly the different origins of excellence on the one hand and contamination on the other.’

23. ‘Divine Love also gets adulterated in the same way. Love is My Form and since I am in all, I am present as Pure Love in every Heart. But when it flows out into the world through the Mind, the senses and the body, it almost invariably gets adulterated. This adulterated stuff appears as attachment between mother and son, as infatuation between husband and wife, as desire between man and worldly attractions, and so on.’

24. ‘All this adulteration takes place on account of the Gunas. These latent tendencies of the human superimpose themselves on Pure Love, and thus it is that the world is full of only contaminated stuff. It is very difficult to come across Pure Love, and incidentally, that is one reason why God comes down as Avatar, to remind man at least from time to time, what Pure Love really means!’

25. ‘The Avatar’s Love is Pure and Unsullied because He is always totally above the Gunas. Like a powerful magnet, His Love draws people from everywhere and of all kinds. Yes Arjuna, that is the nature of My Love!’

26. ‘Arjuna, all sorts of devotees come to Me, each with his or her own agenda! Broadly speaking, one can identify four categories amongst the devotees. All devotees love Me no doubt but except the devotees in category four, all want something or the other from Me. People in category one want wealth, people in category two want their problems solved and fixed, and people in category three hunger for Knowledge, which, by the way, is a very good thing.’

27. ‘No matter to which category people belong, I love them all, and equally too. All are the same to Me, and I give to each what he wants. Do you know why? Because I hope that one day he would ask for what I really like to give. Do you want to know what that is? Why, this very Knowledge of the Self or Atmajnana that I am imparting right now to you!’

28. ‘Arjuna, it is funny people ask Me for all kinds of trivial things and trinkets, when I can confer the greatest possible boon.’

29. Arjuna asks, ‘Krishna, why don’t people do as you say? What blinds them?’

30. Krishna smiles and replies, ‘Maya of course. People accuse Me of trapping them in Maya. People behave foolishly and then blame Me for it, as if I have no better business than casting the veil of Maya. If people choose to bury their heads in sand, the fault is theirs’ and not Mine!’

31. ‘Arjuna, Maya or illusion arises from spiritual ignorance. For example, I am present everywhere and yet people ask, “Where is God? I can’t see Him.” If they cannot see Me despite My being everywhere, whose fault is it? Mine or their's?’

32. ‘If only people would make the effort to get rid of their ignorance, they can immediately see that I am in them, above them, below them, in front of them, behind them and so on.’

33. Arjuna then asks, ‘Krishna, I understand what You say. How does one get rid of this ignorance?’

34. Krishna smiles and replies, ‘Ignorance can be banished practising internal purity and seeking with humility, guidance from a Guru, as you are doing right now!’

35. ‘Let Me give an example of how Knowledge destroys ignorance. There is a dark room and in a corner there is a coiled rope. A man enters the room, sees the rope, shouts “Snake, snake,” and rushes out. A crowd gathers, and people then enter the room armed with sticks and carrying a lantern. And what do they see? A rope and not a snake. There was never a snake; only a rope. The person who saw it first was deluded on account of darkness, and when the darkness was removed he along with all others saw that there was no snake and only a rope.’

36. ‘This example teaches the relationship between Knowledge and Reality on the one hand, and ignorance and delusion on the other. It is only the ignorant that get deluded; the Wise do not.’

. 'Jnana or Wisdom shines when ignorance is expelled or scrubbed away. This Jnana does not have to be obtained from anywhere outside; it is already latent within. All that needs to be done is to remove the shroud covering it.'

38. ‘Once you acquire Jnana, the world would appear very different. It does not mean that you would stop seeing the Sun or the Moon and so forth. Rather you will see Me in them, in all My Glory. You will see in the Sun not the bright light of a fireball but My Divine Brilliance. You will see in the Moon not the reflected light of the Sun but My Coolness. And so on.’

39. ‘Most people don’t see My Omnipresence simply on account of ignorance. Indeed, even when I come down as an Avatar, as at present, people are not able to know who exactly I am. Once again this is on account of spiritual ignorance. Just because I eat, sleep and move about like ordinary mortals, people develop all kinds of wrong notions and fail to see Me as God in human form. In the process, they miss the priceless opportunity to spiritually elevate themselves in many ways. I am right here ever ready to help, but few seem to want spiritual help.’

40. ‘All this is due to self-generated delusion. Take it from Me Arjuna, I know everything about everything and everybody. I know all about those who lived in the past, those who are living now, and those who would come in the future. That is God!’

41. ‘Arjuna, it is important that you must know Me in your Heart and not in your head. It is no use simply telling me, “Krishna, You are God!” You must feel that way in your Heart. Those who so know Me in their Hearts, will come to me fast. Others would have to go through many births before they get purified enough to merge in Me.’


To Be Continued...

-Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 04 - APRIL 2006
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