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  Volume 4 - Issue 04
APRIL 2006


(Continued from the previous issue)



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The scene is the house of Subbamma, where Sathya Narayana Puja or the ritual worship of Lord Sathya Narayana is in progress.


PRIEST 1: Lady, please offer your reverential salutations to the Lord, saying: ‘O God, I worship You with pure devotion in order to seek Your Grace.’

PRIEST 2: In this Kali Age, worship of Lord Sathya Narayana confers the greatest strength. People refer to Him by various names such as Sathyeswara, Sathya Naryana, Sathya Deva and Sarweshwara. The worship of Sathya Narayana has now been completed. All may now offer salutations to the Lord.

On conclusion of the Puja, the guests prepare to leave. At this time, the women who have come make their offerings to the deity that is worshipped. In return, the hostess gives them Prasaadam.


LADY: Madam, please accept this floral offering. Since the Puja is over, we would like to leave.

SUBBAMMA: Please receive Prasaadam before you go.

LADY: We now take your leave.

SUBBAMMA: Thank you.


The worship is being brought to an end, and the priest chants ‘ Om Shanti’ three times. After this the holy water used for the worship is to be distributed to all present including Easwaramma. The priest tells Subbamma to do the distribution.

PRIEST: [to Subbamma] Lady, please distribute the holy water to all.

SUBBAMMA: [gives holy water] Easwaramma, you receive this Prasaadam first before anyone else.

ESWARAMMA: Subbamma! By the Grace of Lord Sathya Narayana, the Puja has been performed in a grand manner. Allow me now to take your leave.


SUBBAMMA: Easwaramma, take this Prasaadam home. Let the children stay back and have food here.

ESWARAMMA: As you say ………. [to children] Stay back and have your food here.

CHILDREN: Yes mother, we will.


Easwaramma is back home doing some household work. Her husband Venkama Raju walks in.


V.RAJU: Easwaramma, …Easwaramma..


V.RAJU: Did the worship of Lord Sathya Naryana go off well?

ESWARAMMA: It was glorious, and a feast to the eyes!

V.RAJU: Where are the children?



ESWARAMMA: Subbamma asked the children to eat in her place.

V.RAJU: Oh, I see. …… If I had not been busy with this groundnut business, I too would have attended the function. Here… keep this money carefully. By the Grace of Lord Sathya Narayana, we all are well.

ESWARAMMA: [receiving the money] I shall go inside and keep it safely. Meanwhile, please go and wash your feet. After that, I shall give you Prasaadam.

V.RAJU: I will do as you say.



Venkama Raju has a wash and comes to Easwaramma to receive the Prasaadam.

ESWARAMMA: Please have the Prasaadam of Lord Sathya Narayana.

V.RAJU: It is our good fortune to be able to receive the Prasaadam of Lord Sathya Narayana. Wherever the Lord casts His glance, there is prosperity. His will decides whether the family flourishes or not.


(To be continued...)

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 04 - APRIL 2006
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