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  Volume 4 - Issue 08 AUGUST 2006


(Continued from the previous issue)

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Chapter – 9

1. Krishna says to Arjuna, ‘I hope you have been absorbing all the things I have been telling you. Print them on your Heart and not just in your head! For it is the Heart that is the real fountainhead of life!’

2. ‘Just so that you don’t forget, let Me briefly recall some of the important things I have told you so far. Firstly, I am the Creator of this Universe and everything here flows directly from Me. Next, I am present in everything that you see around you, and also in things that you cannot see, like the tiny atom, for example.’

3. ‘Even though I am present everywhere, from the galaxies to the mountains and rivers, you cannot see Me with just your physical eyes. The physical eye is a mere sense organ whereas I am far, far beyond the senses. However, if you decide to experience Me via your Heart, then I am easily accessible.’

4. ‘I am not only present everywhere but in addition, every entity carries within it a small portion of My Infinite Power and Glory. And that is how they are able to go about their various jobs. Take the Sun, for example. How do you think it is able shine so brilliantly? Because of the power I have endowed to it.’


5. ‘Most people do not understand all this. Instead, as if they are men of enlightenment, they declare, “There is nothing strange about the Sun shining. Such things happen on account of the Laws of Nature”. Little do they understand that these so-called Laws of Nature flow actually from Me and Me alone! But let that pass.’

6. Arjuna asks, ‘Krishna, what do You do after having created the Universe?’

7. Krishna replies, ‘Basically I just sit back, so to say, and watch everything that goes on. Since I am Omnipresent, I know exactly what goes on where, all the time. I also know what everyone is doing, since I am the Indweller. In short, I play the role of a Cosmic Witness.’

8. Arjuna seems puzzled and asks, ‘I don’t quite follow. If all You want to do is to sit back and watch, why did You create the Universe?’

9. Krishna laughs and replies, ‘Oh, that is simple. Let us say there is an inventor. He designs a fancy mechanical toy; having done so, he sets it in motion and then spends hours in enjoyment, watching the toy do all kinds of things.’

10. Arjuna intervenes and says, ‘Krishna, that is what we humans do. But You are God!’

11. Most benevolently, Krishna replies, with His usual smile of course, ‘You seem to forget that man too is God, in human form that is. If man can amuse himself that way, why not I? You may not understand all that but the Wise do and that is why they often describe Creation as a Leela or the Sport of God.’

12. ‘Now in this Leela, occasionally, I put in a direct and personal appearance.’

13. To this Arjuna says, ‘Krishna, are You referring to Your Incarnation as an Avatar?

14. Krishna replies, ‘Exactly. I appear in human form to be physically close to man, help him in many ways, guide him, and so forth. However, misguided by My human form, most people do not comprehend that I am truly Divine. Somehow, they always imagine that God must be something Super-human.’


15. Hesitantly, Arjuna asks a question, ‘Krishna, God can do miracles – so we are told. And we know that You have done many. But we ordinary men cannot do such things. I, for example, cannot perform any miracles. Therefore, what is wrong in supposing that God is Super-human?’

16. Krishna says in reply, ‘Contrary to your impression, I do not perform any miracles as you call them. Whatever I want just happens, that is all.’

17. Arjuna asks, ‘OK, why does that happen only for You? If God is not Super-human, and I am also God as You declare, then why is it that the things that I want fail to happen? What is going wrong where? Something is obviously missing somewhere!’

18. Krishna laughs and says, ‘Arjuna, the answer to that puzzle is simple. When a person is perfectly Pure, then whatever that person wills, would happen exactly as he wants. I am 100% Pure, and remain so always. Hence whatever I want always happens. Moreover, you would notice that these miracles as you call them are never performed for My benefit. I do not want anything for Myself, ever. Whatever I do is always for the benefit of others. That aspect also is important.’

19. Arjuna then asks, ‘Krishna, in that case, if I were to become 100% Pure, would what I want instantly happen like in Your case?'

20. Krishna replies, ‘Of course, without a doubt. By the way, when you become 100% Pure, all the present and apparent differences between you and Me would disappear. You would have become one with Me, and there would be no Arjuna exercising separately a will of his own!’

(To be continued...)

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Vol 4 Issue 08 - AUGUST 2006
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