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  Volume 4 - Issue 08 AUGUST 2006


Once upon a time a King by the name of Sundaravadanan ruled over the kingdom of Kannapuri. He was great in all respects except that he never believed in God. One night, he was traveling through his city in disguise. He heard two beggars beseeching loudly. One was invoking Lord Rama's grace and the other was invoking the King's grace.

The King was intrigued and had both the beggars brought to the court. His minister asked the question, "Yesterday, you both were begging. One of you invoked Rama's grace and other the King’s grace. Now what does that mean?"

The one who invoked Rama's grace replied, "Sir, this whole world is protected by the Lord Rama. He is the one who gives wealth and riches to everyone."


The minister now spoke to the other beggar. He replied, "Sir, God is invisible but the King is the visible God. If he so desires, he can make anyone rich."


That night, the King argued with the minister that the one who called on the King was the cleverer man. The minister, however, disagreed. He said, "However a man may try to help, if the receiver does not have God's grace it will never reach him." The King decided to put "King's grace" and "Rama's grace" to the test.

The next day a King's order was announced. "On Rama Navami Day the King will distribute presents to everyone. All can come and receive the presents." Accordingly people gathered. The two beggars were also present. The King gave out a new piece of cloth and a pumpkin to everyone. When the "King’s grace" beggar's turn came up, the King recognized him and whispered something in the minister's ears. The minister went in and brought a pumpkin. The pumpkin and the cloth were given to the beggar.

After sometime, the King and his minister went around the city in disguise. They noticed the "Kings' grace" beggar still begging the same way. The King summoned the beggar to the court the next day and asked him, "Are you still a beggar despite my presents?"

The beggar replied, "King! I sold the pumpkin in the market for two silver coins. How can I become rich with that?” The King replied, "You are a fool. That pumpkin contained precious jewels and pearls. If you had only cut open the pumpkin you would have become rich."

After sometime when the King was on his rounds he noticed a rich man in a palanquin. The minister recognized him as "Rama's grace" beggar. This man was also summoned to court. The King asked, "Aren't you the beggar who used to beg in the streets? How did you become so rich?"

This man replied, "King! By the grace of Rama, I was to feed the Brahmins on a particular day to bring peace to my dead father. All I could purchase was a pumpkin. But, to my surprise, when I cut open the pumpkin, I found jewels! By the grace of Rama I became rich."


The King understood that one truly required God's grace to prosper in this world. The power of faith is amazing. Swami says, “The man of faith need not worry about who will take care of him if he devotes all his time to thoughts of the divine.” Let’s surrender every moment to the divine and live in the faith of His constant presence and confidence of His loving care.

Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 08 - AUGUST 2006
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