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  Volume 4 - Issue 08 AUGUST 2006




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Dear Heart2Heart team,

Your cover story was a delight. Never too long! When I cannot sleep, I switch on my computer and read the Heart2Heart articles. I am then enabled to meditate more profoundly. It is always helpful to be reminded of Swami's teachings and I find that these seem to run constantly in the background of my conscious mind – and also my subconscious mind. It keeps me on my toes! I also enjoy reading about other people's experiences with Swami as it reinforces the link between us Sai followers.

As I am finding it difficult to go to India for the time being, keeping in touch with you is second best to visiting the ashram. Om Sai Ram!

Jacqueline Trost, Australia.

What a Divine Blessing even to be fortunate enough to read this! His Grace overflows and oozes through each and every episode. We are indeed blessed. Very appropriate in this month of Gurupoornima.

Shanti Chakravarti
Arlington, Texas, U.S.A

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Dear H2H Team,

At the end of your articles you always invite us to respond and give feedback, but I usually hold back because if I were to do so for every article that I read, you would be inundated with extremely frequent emails from me. I succumb today to your questions at the end of the July 2006 cover story on the Guru - yes, I enjoyed it very much. Yes, I found it inspiring. No, I did not find it too long - for me, the anecdotes and quotes did their job wonderfully, even those we may have heard or read before. So glad you include links and cross-references. As usual, I find myself marvelling gratefully for the scholarly and thoughtful work your team does in crafting and presenting such a large amount of reflective material each month. What an incredible archive you are amassing. Loving Sai Rams,

Corinn Codye, USA.


I have just finished reading your article ‘The Matchless Cosmic Splendour’. You asked if it was too long. No, it was not long enough. I was enthralled with the whole article and did not want to stop reading it. The photographs were wonderful. Thank you so very much for all that fine work that H2H is doing. I am from California, USA, a town about 62 miles above our capitol, Sacramento. Blessings to you all. Thank you Swami.

Joan, California.


I am writing you to express the happiness and gratitude that I feel during reading articles about Sai, in particular the cover story. Thank you for supporting my understanding of God and our divinity. I am from Bulgaria and I hope here is much to de done for spreading Sai-love all over the world. Let us pray in his feet of light to do so. Sai Ram.

Vihra Iordanova, Bulgaria.

Hi, Lucinda here from Australia. I just want to say thank you for all your wonderful work: your daily messages of inspiration; the Sunday messages and the amazingly lucid, profound and articulate cover stories. This month’s is not too long; not too short, just perfect. I felt amazing peace and harmony while reading it and a wonderful tingling warmth and peace all over my body. I feel truly blessed to be hooked in with you.

Sai Ram and love,

Dear Heart2Heart friends,

What a heartwarming storytelling article! All the different little stories are so special because the different experiences of the people from different cultures and different backgrounds. This makes it known that "Sai " is not a religion but an overall cosmic world -educare manifestation! Swami "on the telephone picture" brought a smile on my face and touched my heart. The picture is so near and dear, every second of my life is communication with Swami, and the picture that of Him listening with the phone in his hand is so daily life.

Thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart. Tears are welling up now because I am so touched, knowing that Swami leads us all as different personalities into ONE LOVING BEING.

With gratitude, and thank you much love,
Titia de Groot-Boelens, Holland.

Response to the Healing Touch article "An Unprecendented Miracle of Life And Divine Love". To read this again, click here.


It is a very good experience to note the history of Chy. Sai Satyanarayana. The presentation is very impressive and I congratulate Mr. Aravind for his efforts. I wish all the Doctors will be blessed by Swami. I feel that this type of mail should be sent to the doctors who examined first. They can appreciate the recovery of the patient and realise the services of the doctors. I hope that they may notice the value and divinity of Swami. More of such type of articles and devotees experiences will be quite interesting.

Sairam, Lavnya.

Dear All,

Firstly it must be mentioned here that both Sri Sathya Sai Super Specialty Hospitals may be classified as simply "Out of this World". It is hard to fathom that the gigantic structures of the Super Specialty Hospitals were constructed and completed in such short durations of time, which itself are simply Miraculous!

A glance at the statistics of the specialized operations performed at these hospitals amply depicts the superhuman nature of the services it has rendered to the poor and needy patients, which far exceeds all comparable humanitarian health care services of the whole World. It's splendor can only be explained as "Divinity at Play".

The medical teams and the staff who carry out the wonderful services to humanity under the guidance of Bhagawan are indeed among the most fortunate in the World as it would undoubtedly lead them to "Moksha".

Ashok Wijeratna.

Dear Members of the H2H team,

It is such a heart moving article to read. Millions of Sai devotees around the world offer their Shatha koti (million) pranams to our beloved Bhagavan who has saved the two and half kg and few days old baby Sathya Narayana (born to the young couple from Vishakapattanam). I am sure that this type of rarest-of-the-rare cardiac operation was only possible at Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital mighty healing temple at Whitefield and it will go into the annnals of medical history. All His will.

Jai Sai Ram,
Krishna Prasad.

Sairam H2H Team,

Congratulations for your work. I have just read this article about the wondrous healing of baby Sai Sathyanarayana who recovered from cardiac disease. I work as a pediatrician in Argentina and it would be nice to see some more reports like this one when they are available. Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez, Argentina.

Response to the feature article "The Wonderful Swami I Have Seen". To read it again, Click Here.

Sai Ram !

A really wonderful lifetime experience shared by Mrs. Geeta Mohanram. The many intricate, subtle and divine experiences told, made me speechless and thoughtful as how Swami moulds one into His divinity so lovingly! A fortunate soul indeed!

One has to think not twice but many a time regarding one thing. Those like Mrs Geetha and her father who undertook horrendous journeys with a lot of physical suffering to reach Puttaparthi were very sincere and surrendered fully to Swami and experienced the fathomless Love of Swami. But now, with all good transport facilities and easy access to Puttaparthi, how many of us are surrendering fully to Swami and follow His teachings? Really this article is an eye opener to one and all. Thanks to H2H team!

Sivarajakumar Sitharaman.

Response to the Sai World News article "A Glorious 'Walk For Values' In Canada". To read it again, Click Here.

I am delighted to include an edited version of this article in our Sathya Sai Newsletter, Ireland. It is very up-lifting and hopefully will be an example for other cities/countries in the future. Congratulations! Sai Ram.

Patrick Gallivan,
Chairman, Sathya Sai Org., Ireland.

Sai Ram,

Firstly, I wanted to say what a brilliant job you are doing with Heart2Heart, I always start my day with it and it really connects me to what's important in life. So thank you for all your hard work - it is appreciated.

I was very interested in the Walk for Values article, especially as you mentioned that walks are held in Scotland. If you have any information or an article on the Scottish walks I would be very grateful as I would love to attend next year's. No problem if you can't help.

Kindest regards,
Alice, London, UK.

General Response to the July Issue

Sai Ram!

I have been thoroughly enjoying the inspiration I receive in Heart2Heart's daily newsletters, including that gleaned from an article written by one of Swami's students in which life's challenges are compared to those found in a soccer match. [Sunday Special article]. I would just like to pass on to you that I appreciate everything you do, particularly since we are living far from any other Sai devotees at this time (in a mountain valley in Montana, USA). My children used to attend SSE meetings when we lived in Austin, Texas, but we moved last summer to be near my parents and have been isolated from our old Sai friends, at least in body, if not in spirit.

It came to my mind that the articles you publish from Swami's students may be particularly helpful for my children who are now unable to attend SSE classes and are having to make their way in the public schools here in Montana with children who know nothing about Swami. Through reading these articles they may be able to feel some connection to others nearer their own age who are also consciously in Swami's fold (all are in His fold in Truth, of course), and perhaps derive inspiration from their messages. Their lives are His message, too! Once again, thank you all for your seva - the inspiration that we derive from the daily messages you send is truly a God-send!

In Sai's Love,
Wendy Harmsworth (and Donald, Sarah and David Harmsworth), USA.

My humble Pranams to Swami,

I am Sujeethra Ashok from Chennai, India. I am a regular visitor of the Radiosai website. I feel Swami communicates and talks to me through this website. Everyday I get the free inspirational service with a part of Swami's discourse. I begin my day with that. I have felt so many times (and not only me but many of us would have felt) that some of them were answers to our prayers. I feel Swami communicates to me through them.

I am very touched by the article on Mr. Jagdish Chandra Ghosh [Healing Touch Section, June Issue]. I would like to read more about the miracles of Swami. The Healing Touch is a wonderful section where we are given an opportunity to express our gratitude for Swami, His grace, His love and so on. There was another article by Mrs. Geetha, and her wonderful moments with Swami. Swami was so close to her and when I read the article, I was moved to tears. Indirectly I am also thankful to Radio Sai and the Heart2Heart team for having published it in the website enabling so many of us read such a wonderful article. Kindly publish more and nourish us with more of Swami's love for us, which serves as an energy tonic for all of us. If I am asked to write about Swami, I would write pages and pages. That’s my love for Him.

Thanking you sincerely,
Sujeethra Ashok.

Jai Sai Ram,

Reading the H2H issue gives me the feeling of drinking nectar directly given to me by our Swami. The efforts and the speed with which the H2H team work is truly amazing. Please continue your excellent Sai service and spread our Swami's message. I wish that instead of a monthly schedule, the H2H issue should come on a weekly basis (daily - even better) and constantly keep us thinking about our Swami and the purpose for which we are born here.

With love,
J Venkataraghavan.


[Sai Inspires is a free daily inspirational email service sent to all subscribers. To subscribe to Sai Inspires, click here]

Dear Heart2Heart Team,

A friend subscribed my e-mail address and I am thrilled. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for keeping in touch with so many of us. The picture and message of our beloved Lord is the most precious daily gift, we can possibly receive.

Three days after I started receiving your messages, I was asked for advice by a friend and lo and behold, the advice was right there on my screen from the previous day. But that will not surprise you, of course, I just wanted to be another one of many, who confirms this to you in writing.

So, may you continue to make us happy; your service is very much appreciated.

With gratitude and love,
Granny Ruth from the Czech Republic.


Loving Sai Ram to Heart2Heart team. It is a divine experience to read Swami’s message everyday. He speaks appropriately: sometimes giving advice and sometimes comforting and at times checking our behaviour in a very soft manner. Congratulations for starting this kind of service which lights the lamp of Sai in many a heart.

SaiRam, Santha.

My family and I are extremely happy to read the message and blessings from Swamy and it gives all of us extra strength and energy to do our daily work more effectively. It really helps us to keep our mind refined and pure to the maximum extent. Our Namaskarams to Swamy.

Sairam, N.Sattanathan.


I haven't the slightest idea how to write to you but what I'd like to say is, thank you very much. Somehow, every morning, every message seems to be so crystal clear, so apt to the problems, trials and tribulations myself and my family face. The message somehow just seems to pop out of the screen, onto my lap and into my heart and makes me smile and think that perhaps I am not alone, that perhaps all the problems will vanish soon and good times will come. The cover story "When God Becomes the Guru" is never long enough. The more there is, the more my mind is put to rest that I somehow just have to lie back and enjoy what I can learn from these problems rather than worry. The service you do and the goodness and the hope you instill in many millions around the world is immeasureable. Thank you a million times over.

Dr. Anitha Vaidhyanathan.


Every Sunday the subscribers to Sai Inspires also receive a spiritual discussion
on a topic of current relevance called Sunday Special Articles.

Responses to the Sunday Special “Can Money Alone Bring Happiness And Security?” sent on 16th July 2006.



Thanks for treating a wonderful subject with such intensity and clarity of thought. When you mention Bombay and the millions who live on the streets and all the others who pass by them as if they do not exist - Swami said that it is only when you experience their suffering as your own that human nature is manifested. It is true that most people go through life without feeling this experience of others' suffering, it is as if it is 'us vs them'. We can never become that and so even when we see someone downtrodden we do not stop to help but how wrong we are, as the recent events have shown. When the bomb blast happened it was the slum dwellers who came and helped out first, they are the ones who experienced the suffering of others and came out to help!!!

A lesson for all of us who think of slumdwellers as us vs them. This incident itself can be an eye opener. When Swami says experience the suffering of others as your own, it shows us that the divinity manifest in us is the same that is there in others. Such thoughts and practices that Swami said will help us to realise the divinity that is always present in ourselves.

Also in this discussion of money vs happiness, you could at a later stage bring out the excellent tradition of American billionaires such as Andrew Carnegie, Ford and now Bill Gates and the very recent Warren Buffet who have pledged to give away most of their wealth back to society and the needy. These philanthropists do not believe in dynastic wealth. This need not be restricted to them, all of us can practice it. In business we try to maximise our resources and earn maximum profit. Why not maximise this profit by spending it on where it has the most value i.e., where it is needed most? Frankly, that is what these people have done.

Andrew Carngie, the richest man in the world at the start of the 20th century, wrote the treatise called the 'Gospel of Wealth' where he said that the way capitalism is structured, there are some privileged few who can accumulate capital and earn a lot of wealth. With this wealth comes a responsibility i.e., to live modestly and also take care of the others in society who are in need of help. Basically when we accept capitalism which gives us riches, we need to take care of the underprivileged who are part of the capitalistic society and who help perpetuate the structure which makes us rich in the first place.

Thanks again,
Vinod Ullal.

Sai Ram,

The Sunday special is a very clear and lucid explanation on the subject. Any person with an open and receptive mind can see the point in a flash. Please keep up the Sunday Special with more of analogical explanations on spiritual subjects.

Sai Ram and Love To The Team,
Sudhir Kalidas.

Dear Radio Sai Brothers,

Sairam. I have read with interest the Sunday Special article. It is excellent, the language and substance are well brought out and I wish every one reads, understands and practices the same. The second half is marvellous indeed. Our Pranams to Sri G.Venkatraman Sir! God bless all! Love, regards and Sairam,


Dear Reader, you can write to us about your feedback/suggestions/comments concerning any article of H2H, Sai Inspires or Sunday Special write-ups at Please mention your name and country when you write to us.

– Heart2Heart Team

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Vol 4 Issue 08 - AUGUST 2006
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