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Shirdi Sai - Parthi Sai Title Photo
Volume 4 - Issue 12 DECEMBER 2006

PART - 24

(Continued from the previous issue)



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Sathya is admitted to the Bukkapatnam High School. Every day He has to walk several kilometres to reach the School. He goes there in the company of some friends. While many like Raju, some are jealous of Him. One day, they decide to tease and humiliate Him, while He is on His way to School. They lie in wait for Him near the river. Soon, Sathya comes that way along with His friends. They are all singing Bhajans.


BOY 1: We will sit here on this boulder till He comes.

BOY 2: This is Raju’s route, is it not? We will sit here.

BOY 3: Yes, today we will take care of Him! Hey look! He is coming!

boy_on stone
to sai

BOY 4: Look at our dress; it is dirty. But His dress, it is shining!

BOY 5: Look at Raju’s dress; it is not crumpled.

BOY 6: We will make His dress dirty and look like ours!

BOY 7: Come!

BOY 8: [to Sathya] Hey You! Stop singing!

BOY 9: Come!

Boys throw mud at Sathya and laugh.




ANOTHER BOY IN THAT GROUP: It is wrong. You shouldn’t throw like that.

SATHYA: Why did you stop? Throw more mud! Come on, throw!

AN ATTACKING BOY: Raju, are You not angry?

SATHYA: Why should I be angry? My clothes have become dirty and that has made you all happy. But has My dress becoming dirty made your dresses new?

The attacking boys now splash water over Sathya’s dress, instead of throwing mud.

SATHYA: Do you see? You first dirtied My dress but have now also cleaned it! It is so easy to hurt a person.


SATHYA: It is easy to make a dress dirty but impossible to contaminate a pure mind.

ATTACKING BOY: Raju, does it mean You are not angry?

SATHYA: No, I am not angry. You did what you did out of just ignorance. Come, let’s all go to school together.

BOY: Yes, let’s go together.

ANOTHER BOY: Come, let’s go.

ANOTHER BOY: Raju is a very nice fellow. He does not ever get angry.


Sathya and a few of His friends are on their way to School. On the way, they offer worship to an idol of Ganesha.

BOY: Sathyam, how do you get these flowers and fruits everyday?

SATHYA: In My house there is a Power that gives Me all these things, which I then offer to Ganapathi.

BOY: Will that Power give us also various things?


SATHYA: Most certainly yes, but only at the appropriate time! When the time comes, I will give you even without your asking.

BOY: You always give to Ganapathi. What about me?

SATHYA: Ganapathi never asks but you do! That’s why there is a delay!

Don’t ask O mind!
If you demand, there will be a delay!
But if you don’t ask, you will get it faster!
Did Sabari ask for the opportunity to serve the Lord?
Jatayu did not ask and earned a glorious end.
Don’t ask O mind!

Sathya waves His hand and materialises Vibhuti. The boys who are with Him are wonder-struck.

BOYS: Ah! Vibhuti!



ONE BOY: Raju, please give me!

BOY 2: Raju, give me also!

BOY 3: Raju, please give me!

BOY 4: Give me also some, Raju!

A Muslim Teacher of the Bukkapatnam High School comes there, and he too receives Vibhuti.

BOY: Raju, how did Vibhuti come into Your hands?

SATHYA: Did I not tell you that there is a power in My house? That Power is also in Me!

BOY: Raju, You are a small boy like me; yet You talk profound things. I don’t follow anything!

CHORUS: Yes Raju, we just don’t understand anything!

SATHYA: Those who need to know understand! Come, it is time for school.


(To be continued)

- Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2006
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