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Volume 4 - Issue 12 DECEMBER 2006



Responses to the Cover Story of the November Issue


Thank you all in H2H team. By telling us about the wonderful collections of Swami’s teachings and other news, you are doing a tremendous job.  I am glad to learn that on 22 November 2006, the Sri Sathya Sai University is celebrating its 25th convocation year.  The university is one of the modern day wonders. Year after year high quality students pass out.  These students, without exception, carry the stamp of Swami’s teachings.

My company has been fortunate to induct graduates from the Institute. We have been doing that for two years now. I have had several opportunities to observe them at close quarters. They are sincere, dedicated, disciplined and are always eager to learn.  When put in direct customer engagements, they sparkle.  Many of our international customers have commended their positive approach to work. They just love them!

Humanity, leave alone companies, needs individuals who have the right spiritual balance of knowledge, skills and attitude.  Year after year, the University has been doing just that! Indeed, another sterling example of Swami’s infinite love for all us.

Once again, thank you H2H team for your great service. I am certain that Swami’s blessings will take you to greater heights.

Regards, Dr. JK Nair, California, USA.


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It is a matter of ananda that Sai Education is completing 25 years. It is really a matter of regret that there is only one University rendering real service to society, through Education. But, as I understand, it will be now, that the first batch of Baba's students will come out in society for real service. This does not mean that the students until now were not Baba's students. They were also trained by Baba and in the same spiritual atmosphere. But the major difference is that the batch which has entered society today is trained by Baba in the spiritual atmosphere right from KG and we very well know that the teachings during childhood have permanent impressions on one's life. These students in turn will produce similar batches and also provide examples in the society, encouraging others to follow Sai Teachings.

As I understand, this is a cumulative process and a lengthy one also. Baba is initiating the process for the world from Kaliyuga towards Krutayuga. We shall have to wait. Time will automatically do the rest.

Our duty is just to read and listen to the teachings of Baba (Shravana), understand them with true perspective, ruminate and think over them deeply (Manana) and then translate them in deeds in our day to day life with constant awareness (Nididhyasana). We have to live an exemplary life and leave everything else to Him. In due course of time the whole world will accept His teachings.

Sairam, Kundansairam

Sai brothers of H2h team, Sairam!

What a wonderful experience to go through the "Cover story! It was a sumptuous intellectual and inspirational feast of exceptional emotional fragrance! You have blended the narration of MBA students of Swami's Institution distinguishing themselves under very trying professional situations! They serve as a happy prelude to the narration of the historical evolution of the structure of the University under the direct guidance of Swami! The service oriented approach of the students adds to the real blossoming of their personalities.                             
As a former Visiting faculty to the English Dept. of SSSIHL, I feel elated to be in touch with such enlightening success stories of our young brothers brought out so touchingly by the editorial team of H2H!

Sairam, Subramanian, Chennai

Sai Ram,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article.  It was so enlightening and uplifting.  I am so proud to be a part of Sathya Sai Baba's team.  I feel truly blessed and happy to know that such a beautiful, peaceful, compassionate, caring, and loving Baba is walking the planet.  I am blessed just to hear about the awesome things being done by Him and through Him.  What a blessed world we live in just because he is. 


Aum Sri Sairam!

Many thanks for this article which is so inspiring and enlightening. This has certainly provided an inspiring insight about the way Swamy has been transforming the lives of individuals to motivate them to lead a meaningful life and preparing them to benefit the society, nation and the world. Please continue to publish the case histories and the experiences of our beloved Sai brothers/ Executives. Thanking you once again, Sairam!

S.Balaiah, Pune, India

Om Sai Ram dear brothers,

Your cover story “Modern Education's Divine Manifestation…Blending the Ancient with the New” was a brilliant and inspiring article that provided all the inspiration I needed to do and be that which I consider all students of Sai (well, even though I live in SA, I consider myself still a student Sai) should aspire towards: Living His message in our world.

Regarding these inspirational stories, please do continue making known to us Sai aspirants what Swami’s students are bringing to the world (especially the corporate and business world, as that is the environment that is contaminated the most). 

Jai Sai Ram, Sandthiren Nadraj Mudaly, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Editor,

Your Cover Story "Modern Education and Divine Manifestation" has been brought out so well - I wish it had a few more pages! I  am one of the fortunate  Sai students from 1983. I am working in New Zealand. H2H is powerful tonic for my entire family. Great work - Kudos!

Regards, Venu

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I am Selvarani Pillay, a Malaysian residing in Singapore. Loved your story on Poonam, and it reinforces my belief that my present life in this material world is a miracle, a special gift from Swami.

Sairam, Selvarani

Response to the Feature Article Concerning the Vedas - The Glory of Consciousness of November Issue

Sir, Sai Ram,

First and foremost I am grateful to Prof. Venkataraman for his elucidation on this complex subject that would baffle the vast majority of us. What is offered to readers is concise, simple, sequential and understandable. I enjoyed reading it and made it in WORD format for anyone to take a hard copy to read, without pictures.

With what little I know, and intuitively, I feel 100% comfortable with this excellent account on the subject. With reference to ascending awareness of consciousness in the human foetus, Swami too had said that the soul enters the foetus around the 20th week of pregnancy, which corresponds to foetal movements in the womb. The entry of the soul in otherwise a biological material must have a quantum leap of awareness of consciousness in the foetus. In Mahabaratha it is said that Abimanyu heard the conversation between Arjuna and Subhadra! Obviously, here, the foetus must have been well in an advanced stage. In spiritualist circles it is well known that the human alone has an individual soul, while animals have collective souls.

I sincerely thank Prof. GV for bringing out so clearly, Matter-Energy-Consciousness and relating it with Newtonian Physics, Quantum mechanics, Einstein's persistence with duality and Relativity, Neils Bohr's conviction on Quantum mechanics and finally George Wald's expression on Global Connectivity in the Oneness - all tying in with the timeless Vedic Science. This will go a long way towards helping young inquiring minds among the youth of this scientific era.

With love and Best wishes, S. Pavan

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

I would like you to extend to Professor G. Venkataraman my gratitude in his writing of the above mentioned article. It brought together for me a difficult concept I have tried to decipher. I have always believed in the Primal Consciousness. Although, relating to "humans" as sparks of the Divine was difficult for me with their choices of behaviors. I have never felt separate from the rest of Nature, insentient and sentient. Professor Venkataraman put into words what I have always felt. I now have a deeper sense of peace.

Thank you and Namaste, Michele Miley.

Responses to Sai Inspires


Dear Heart2Heart Team,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Heart2Heart.  The inspiring messages have really helped me to understand how Swami would like me to live. I enjoy reading all the stories and I look forward to receiving Sai Inspires by email every day.  Thank you for the great effort and work you are doing by producing and sharing Heart2Heart!

Om Sai Ram, Neha, Gold Coast, Australia

Dear H2H, Sairam,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for making this e-contact between Prasanthi Nilayam and other places possible. My foremost gratitude to Bhagavan for inspiring and encouraging all of you in this mission. I must admit, the daily message that comes into my mailbox is something I eagerly await. It almost makes me think of the eagerness for 'morning Darshan' that filled every Thursday and Sunday mornings back in School…well they have now become 'good old days of student life'.

Staying physically far away, entangled in the activities of the world, busy enacting the role given by the Divine Director to the best possible extent, the H2H messages and bulletin indeed helps us reconnect, and may I say, relive moments spent in divine proximity. For people like me who stay at hostel (away from home) it is not really possible to carry a big chunk of Sai Literature though we would like to read Bhagavan's teachings every day.  You may argue: 'How is it useful, if you just keep reading and not practising?’  Well, to speak the truth, in the midst of the pressure of academic courses that we pursue where no time is set apart in the curriculum for any spiritual activity, it is a boon to even 'think' of Swami for just ten continuous minutes. And in such a scene, it is indeed fortunate that as  Swami's messages come through the mail, and as His loving 'Abhayahasta' greets  us on the computer screen, we are more easily able to take short 'bites' of  Ananda in between the usual work. Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference…it rejuvenates like a magic encourages and instills a kind of zeal that nothing else could possibly evoke.

I am sure thanking by mere words can never be sufficient, for the Lord will feel truly gratified the day we are able to inculcate His message into our life, so that He can proudly proclaim: "Look! Their life is My message." Nevertheless, I express my gratitude for the enormous Seva that H2H is doing for all of us.

Sairam, K Padmin

Thank you for a commendable service. I eagerly wait to read Sai inspires. The first thing that I do when I enter my office in the mornings, is to first offer my humble pranams to our beloved Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Immediately thereafter I open my email to read Bhagavan’s message. This sets the attitude and mood for my whole day. It uplifts and recharges me and helps to keep me focused, and for this I am grateful. Even though I only subscribed to this service for just over a week, I am totally hooked onto this. Keep up the good work.

Ramulu Ramiah, Johannesburg, South Africa

Response to the Sunday Special, 5 November 2006- THE CROWN JEWEL AMONGST GOD’S GIFTS TO MANKIND


Sairam H2H team,

I eagerly wait every month for the H2H journal. To me it is a real feast, and a bonanza, I want to gobble it all up in a single day. Some articles are so good that I want to read them again and again, I don't know how many I can download.

I read your Sunday Special and noted the underlying feeling of irritation and disappointment. Just imagine how Swami will be feeling. He has been shouting His voice hoarse from the time He was sixteen about values and only a handful are living up to His expectations. This is nishkama karma. Carry on your good work. It is the nature of the world to exploit even good people and good things.

Sairam, Latha 

Dear Sirs,

I was moved by the apparent 'gripes,moans, etc.' expressed at the beginning of the Sunday special of Nov 5th! I do wish to admit apologetically that I am not able to read the whole H2H magazine so diligently (and lovingly) put together and submitted promptly on the 1st of every month as you bemoan. The reason is simply this: I am not a savvy 'computer reader' and do not enjoy reading articles on-line since I am an 'old-fashioned paper article reader’! I am more comfortable holding a piece of printed paper than to read staring at a glaring screen, looking at sometimes small fonts. And yes, there are other e-mails to be attended to in the short time I allow myself at the computer!

Yet, let me assure you that I always read the daily "inspirational" messages you send me with the h2h issue. And, on occasions, like today, I did take time to read the Sunday special article. These articles are well written, very thoughtful and thought-provoking. 

I did read today's 'Sunday Special' and was very much moved by reading the performance of the students of the Sathya Sai University - not that I needed to be reminded of that. Without being a part of the institution, I instinctively know the facts enumerated, as it is headed by none other than the Lord Himself It would be a wonder if the results were not as described in the article! Swami's sankalpa can never be wrong and must be fulfilled.

My heartiest congratulations to the fortunate students of the Lord! I am indeed looking forward to see them lead the World as promised by the Lord Himself! I hope to live long enough to enjoy that experience of my life. The last century and the present times are such an anti-thesis of what the Lord's vision and promise are!

Please keep the work going without any disillusion - it is based on His Sankalpa only!

Jai Sai Ram, Shashikant Ambegaokar, Vista, California, USA

Response to the Sunday Special, 29 October 2006 - WHY ARE OUR PRAYERS SOMETIMES NOT ANSWERED?

Dear H2H,

Your article is wonderful. I have seen in my own case, whenever I pray for others it works, but mostly not when I pray for myself.  However, there is one thing for sure, as you've said, ‘He knows better than us what is good for us’ and He grants just that.  Again, as you said, if you're a spiritual aspirant, He'll give you only what is congenial to spiritual growth. So even though, you may ask for a material thing, He'll grant it only if it will give us spiritual benefits. Thanks for a nice thought provoking article.

Yours in Sai Seva, Ashok Mehta

Dear H2H Team, Om Sai Ram!

Indeed, we can have a hidden agenda or a “belief system” in our subconscious mind that creates a blockage to our prayer.  These subconscious beliefs can be: “I am not good enough”, or “I don’t want to be healthy”, or “I don’t love myself”. Without exception, I find that patients who have problems, either psychological or physical, have a causal belief underlying their condition.  Some even believe that God wants to punish them for past sins, or for the very fact that they are human beings.  These beliefs have to be eliminated before the person feels free to become healthy.  Of course, that is only part of the solution, as we very well know, if we take into consideration Swami’s teachings.  That, I surmise, is why total surrender is more effective than a prayer for a specific outcome, such as saying, for example: “Lord, I entrust this problem to Your care because You know best”.

With Love, Jacqueline Trost


Thank you very much for today's article. It was just what I needed to find out about prayer. I also consider it as a present from God because it is my birthday today. God does talk to me and this makes me happy. What I can do is to translate the article and give it out to all my friends. Thank you very much again.

Best Wishes, Sylvia, Bulgaria

A big bouquet of congrats to the Heart2Heart Team for today's excellent article on the effectiveness of prayer. Prayer is an honest and sincere dialogue between you and your Maker. I fully agree with you that non-directed prayer is very potent and is answered almost immediately. His love and mercy which is showered on us as His blessings creates such wonderful feelings in our hearts that make our life on this earth so beautiful. Look forward to more such inspiring articles from a great team.

Regards, Usha

Om Sai Ram,

Thank you so very much for the article on Prayer that was printed with the Oct 29th Sai message. It was extremely timely for myself and family since we are in the midst of being blessed financially. I too agree that the non-direct approach to prayer using those powerful words ‘Thy Will Be Done’ is most effective and works everytime in my life when I just surrender and hand everything over to God.

Om Shanti, Brahmachandri


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– Heart2Heart Team


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Vol 4 Issue 12 - DECEMBER 2006
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